Space technology is developed by space science and aerospace industry that helps us in understanding how the earth works and how we can help in keeping it healthy. Space technology system also plays a significant role in sectors ranging from agriculture to medicine. There are many space technology agencies like NASA, RKA, CNSA, JAXA, ESA, ISRO, Belarus Space agency, China space agency, etc.

Latest Invention in ISRO Space Agency

Indian space research organization is the space agency of the government of India. This is the 6th largest government space agency in the world. The ISRO plays an important role in managing the logistics in fields of administration, management, and industries. ISRO is responsible for the success of India’s space program. This space technology helps in the socio-economic development of the country by the navigation system, defense, weather forecasting, railway etc. This technology also helps in future as well by proving information like oil and gas exploration, helping smart city projects etc. This space technology provides a variety of resources for the rapid development of rural areas. It has started several space application projects like the satellite instructional television experiments, the training, and development communication channel etc. Some latest and upcoming innovations in ISRO are mentioned below:

1. South Asian Satellite: This is one of the latest innovations of Indian Space Research Organization. This satellite will provide better communication and help in disaster management in the south Asian region. The mission life of this satellite is 12 years and is of cubical shaped having 2,230 kg weights. This provides a full range of services in telecommunication, television, tele education, and telemedicine, VSAT, direct-to-home etc. This innovation will help in overall development of the entire region.

2. 5 Communication Satellites: ISRO is going to launch 5 communication satellites by the end of this year. The purpose to launch these communication satellites is to improve the communication system all over the country. The use of the communication satellites is to improve the number of transponders available. By improving, transponders for communications will help in upgrading the capability within the country.

3. Launches 104 Satellite in One GO: The latest innovation of Indian Space research organization is 104 satellites are launched on a single rocket. ISRO is the first space research organizations in the world that launches 104 satellites on a single rocket.

4. Capability to Develop a Space Station: This is an upcoming project of Indian Space and Research Organization. But the project needs long-term approach and planning for completion.

5. Chandrayaan 2: ISRO is planning for a second mission to the moon which is chandrayaan 2.This mission consists of an orbiter, lander, and rover configuration. This is an upcoming innovation of ISRO that is planned to launch by 2018. The purpose of this mission is to test various new technologies as well as to conduct new experiments.

Latest Invention in NASA Space Agency

The national aeronautics and space administration is the space agency of U.S government. NASA runs the country’s civilian space program. This space agency has invented many technologies to solve various problems of space exploration. The purpose of NASA is to research for problems of flight within and outside the Earth’s atmosphere. This space agency benefits all people with its space technology. There are many inventions of NASA that people uses everyday like a water filter, adjustable smoke detector, long distance telecommunication, shoe insoles etc. Latest inventions of NASA are as follow:

1. Spectrometer to help future crews crop: The latest innovation of NASA is spectrometer to help future crews cope with cosmic radiation. The device is developed to monitor radiation exposure to neutrons. This neutron spectrometer can monitor neutron for six months. It works by sending data to the laptop or computer on the station if any neutron strikes.

2. Effect of Spaceflight on the immune system: This is the latest investigation done by NASA. The NASA has studied and examines the effects of spaceflight on the immune system. The alteration in the number of immune cells in the blood reduces the body function. Some crew members find rashes, unusual allergy, and some virus in their body during their research. The motive of the researcher is to find the latent viruses that cause sickness in crew members.

3. Introduce HUNCH Program: This latest program introduced by NASA is to show many ways to the next generation, how to put their talents to work for NASA as an astronaut. This program is helpful to provide experience to the interested students. The HUNCH offers to learn various technologies like computer-aided design, welding technology, and graphic arts etc.

Latest Invention in China Space Agency

China’s space technology is the national agency for china to coordinate its space activities. This is one of the fast growing space agencies in the world. Some of innovations of china are as:

1. First Space Cargo Ship into Orbit: This is the latest innovation of china space agency. Here china launches its first space cargo ship into orbit.

2. China has developed largest radio telescope: China has introduced the largest radio telescope which is 500-meter spherical radio scope. This is a unique innovation by china which is breaking new ground in radio astronomy. The device has the capability to track cosmic objects as Earth rotates. Other benefits of this radio telescope include tilting and turning the antenna to a fixed dish etc.

3. Robotic Cargo ship for space lab: This innovation is a key element of china’s human space flight program. This robotic has the capacity to carry about 5 tons of supplies into earth orbit. The carrying capacity is based on the scale of the space station.

4. The opening of busy Road to Mars: This is the upcoming innovation of china along with other countries. According to this, a half dozen of rockets all over the world are preparing to launch.

5. Conducting several manned Space flights: This is an upcoming innovation of china in which the agency is planning to conduct several manned space flights.