The Rose for Emily is a story written by William Faulkner. In the novel, he has described the story of the lady who was not married. Some people show pity on her while others hate her as she was quite mysterious. The main story revolves around the lady with the name of Emily. The characters who add strength and make a story worth reading are


The main character of the story who lived with her father. After the war in their city, they decided to adopt the same lifestyle that was before the war. Emily fathers did not allow her to marry, therefore, she remained at home or do social work by teaching art lessons to the kids. After the death of his father, she met the man named Homer who was a laborer. She got involved with him and wanted to marry him. Homer refuses to do so and then Emily killed him. She assumes him as her husband and treated him as a husband even after his death. She kept his clothes in her cupboard. She was mysterious as didn’t pay taxes, avoid social meetings and much more.

Home Barron

He is the person who was the resident of North site and cone to the south part of the city for the road construction project. He found Emily after her father’s death and started meeting. Emily got involved with him and want to marry him. That was one-sided love and homer didn’t show such interest. When Emily came to know this reality and thought that he does not want to marry him she killed him. In the story, you will find some aspect that Homer was homosexual and that as the reason he doesn’t want to marry Emily.

Mr. Grierson

Emily’s father who was patriarchal head of the family. Both lived in the town of Mississippi. When civil war occurred, they left the town and started their life in the South part of the city. Her father wanted Emily to stay with him and do not get married. This was because he loved her daughter so much and was not confident that other man will keep his daughter happy. This was the main concern he showed for daughter and didn’t allow to marry.


When Emily and Homer started meeting the neighbors got surprised and called Emily’s cousins who live in Alabama. The main purpose to call them was to unite the Homer with Emily. When they came to Emily refused to talk with them as she was angry as no one came to her father’s funeral. She sent them back without showing them any positive response.


He is the cook/ gardener of Emily. Who worked for her and keep all her secrets. He didn’t explain anything to the neighbors and was sincere with her. After her death, he immediately escaped and didn’t come back to tell anyone about Emily’s life.

The narrator has beautifully described all characters in the stort and their roles so that readers remain involved in the story till the end.