Shelly wrote a famous poem Ozymandias in 1818 that inspired many readers of the world and according to them, Shelly poems was the master piece that was read by many people of the world. The poem describes the concept of a king, desert, traditions, norms, arts, and literature that are very informative for the people who want to know about ancient civilization and Ozymandias king. Shelly presented an amazing picture of art in which he showed the king and its civilization. The poem consists of many chapters and all the chapters give the idea of the ancient time period and the rule of the king.

Important facts about Ozymandias

Shelly in his poem uses beautiful pictures of nature and culture which depicts the civilization of the people in the past. The post important aspect in his poem is the king Ozymandias and the whole poem is based on the king and his lifestyle. The king has an arrogant and cruel personality who want to rule all the people and think that he has the supreme power on others, with his power he can rule on any other person.

Despair and power in Ozymandias

The despair and power of Ozymandias are one of the strongest emotions which are the uncontrollable feelings which can’t be controlled by any other person. Shelly used the concept of a desperate desert in his poems which are the best scenes of his poem, which show that despair and power are very relevant. The statue of Ozymandias is barren now and it is nothing but a useless sculptor, the king who thought that he can control every person with his power, didn’t control the emotions and passion of the people because these are the uncontrollable feelings of the people. The power of the king Ozymandias was temporary it has ended when the king died, the poem also explained the nature of the king which is selfish and cruel. The nature of the king showed nothing but arrogance and rude behaviour who want to control everyone. Besides all these things, he was unable to control the real feelings and emotions of the persons.

Statue of Ozymandias

The statue of king Ozymandias is a lesson for all the arrogant kings and persons in this world that everyone has to face the dead and no one lives forever like the king. The people can clearly see the sadness on the face of the statue and statue was made after the death of the king. The king left the world and his power is no more to rule others, so the people of the world should learn that this world is temporary, and every person will leave the world one day.

The poem of Shelly warns other rulers of the world that they should behave their people positively and if they show arrogance to people they will be like king Ozymandias who is no more in this world and all his power of wealth is ended.