It seems as the Google’s latest update of android 7.1.2 has be moved to some of the Pixel C tablet users just after a few weeks of the beta version was introduced to the examiners. The updated version of the Pixel C looks quite similar to its Smartphones. The C tablets now have the same buttons, multitasking menu, from which the users can now select from and switch between any of the eight apps, all at a time.

Instead of scrolling the list of open and standby apps, with the help of the Pixel C app switcher, just like in the Smartphones, now you can also see a grid of the most recent eight opened programs on the tablets. Similar to the Pixel Smartphones, the C tablets have the same navigation type buttons as well as the rounded app icons. Previously there was an app drawer that used to show at the bottom of the tablet screen is dropped out of the Pixel C tablets after the latest android 7.1.2 update.

From now onwards, you need to swipe upwards to see the installed software. One of the most significant changes made to the Pixel C tablet is the weather and the date widget is placed right corner on the top of the screen. There is also a logo “G” that you can tap anytime to search an app rather than using the Google Search Bar.

The fact is still known that whether the android update 7.1.2 will make its way to all the other devices, the update should come in with smaller changes in the current update version such as Android Logos on the Smartphones’ boot screen of Pixel and some gesture controls on the back side fingerprint scanner. The users of the Pixel C are supposed to get the update from 3rd of April 2017.

The Google’s Pixel C Tablet- In Brief

Google Pixel C tablet is a slim and build with aluminum material that feels sturdy and stunning. Google has been releasing awesome Android tablets in collaboration with the renowned companies such as Asus, and HTC since a long time, but this is the first time when Google has built its own Tablet from top to bottom.

Pixel C tablets are 10.2 inch android tablets that are created and developed by Google. It has been two years since the unveiling of this amazing Google device. The tablet is powered by the Nvidia Tegra X1 octa-core Maxwell GPU system. The pixel C hands down is a powerful Android tablet till date.

The tablet starts at $500 and the tablet features high-end design, outstanding screen, faster performance and quite a long-lasting battery. With the decreasing interest on tablets, the initiative taken by Google in making a high-end tablet will surely be able to turn the tables. The Pixel C is a standalone tablet with aluminum designing gives it a solid as well as an elegant look.

The tablet’s fashionable matte, solid and smooth makes the look even better. It is combined with an optional Bluetooth keyboard that is worth $150 is made of the same material. The Bluetooth keyboard of the tablet is magnetic and charges inductively. The tablet weighs 1.14 pounds i.e. 517 grams; is fairly thicker and slightly heavier than the iPad Air 2 as to allow space for a larger battery.

Despite of the brilliant construction, the tablet has no trackpad. The keyboards of the tablet make it a little heavier, and separating the keyboard can be unpleasant while it is being used as a cover as well as it is difficult to tell which end of the tablet is magnetic attachable. But you will perhaps not miss the trackpad that much as you might be keeping it in mind that you are actually using a tablet, not a laptop.

The keyboard sometimes suffers from continuous stuck keys. They are not actually stuck, but the key functions and the letters are dragged out on the screen. The tablet’s duality and the price make it ripe to compete against the iPad Air 2 and the Microsoft Surface 3. The truth is the comparison can never be made with the Google’s pixel C.

As the Microsoft surface 3 is powerful enough to replace laptop whereas the iPad Air 2 is a best friend in the leisure times to play games and stream video. The Google’s Pixel C is a mixture of both. The prices of all these tablets are on the same category as of $500. The storage RAM of Google’s Pixel C is up to 64GB. The battery can extend up to 12 hours and 45 minutes on playing videos.

The tablet has earned a place near the top of the charts. If you are interested in purchasing a tablet for work, the performance strength of this one will depend on your needs. The Google’s pixel C tablet has an exceptionally brilliant keyboard; a gorgeous front screen and a speedy performance are the features that attract the customers.

The tablet works perfectly smooth with the OK Google voice search. The tablet’s edge consists of four microphones- that’s a lot of microphones than most of the other tablets. This makes it easy for the Pixel C to listen to your commands and voices when you say “OK Google” even though you are not holding them in your hands.

The pixel C tablets are available at Google’s store starting at $500 that holds a storage space of 32GB onboard space, and you can also find 64GB version that will cost you $600.

After the recent Android update of 7.1.2 to the Google’s Pixel C tablet, there are lots of small changes that can be noticed by the user. Some of them are identical to that of its Smartphones and are easy to understand and operate. The users of Pixel C tablet can experience the official update from 3rd of April.