Just take a moment and type “free PSN Codes” into Google and what you will see is something like this:

A wall of “generators”. Websites, Youtube videos that link to such websites and Generator Apps on the Google Play Store. It can be understandable that some free code generator website can make it to the top Google results. That there are so much is annoying, but what should not be possible is that there are actual free code generator “apps” on the Google Play store.

What is the difference? Is there a difference?

The Websites

The usual free PSN code generator and such generators do not want you to download something. If they would try that, Google would notice really fast that there is something not correct. So, such sites just want to convince the user to do a fake survey.

Normally the scammers will call the fake surveys “human verification”. So basically the user has to verify himself or he will not get a free PSN code(or other types of Gift cards). We all know already that the user will in no case get a single code and even if, it will most likely just be some random numbers that will look like a legit code.

The Apps

The App version is not allowed to send users to external “surveys”. So what do they do? They usually tell the user to click X times,e.g 100.000 times on a cube. If they actually tipped 100K times on the virtual cube, the cube will break and you have your free PSN code.

That sounds pretty stupid, right? And we still don’t know where the profit for the scammer lies. That is correct. And here is the evil catch.

The scammer will display after X times of tapping quickly random Ad sand most of the users will most likely just tap on the Ad. Moreover, users are pressured to give the App a 5-star rating or else they are not allowed to tap anymore. That right – after X amount of tapping the app will not allow you to continue if you don’t give it a 5-star rating.

So Google just has to think: Hey, this app has good reviews! It must be a good app. One of these scammer apps has already over 500K-1Million downloads on the Google Play Store.



Free code websites are spamming the Google results and now are also growing in numbers on the Google Play Store. Even Though they are not as harmful as hacker,phishing and virus websites they should be hold under control.

That websites have a code generator is not really to control since there are so many and since the scammers keep producing them quickly – but the Google App Store should have better security and check systems in place.