Having fancy gadgets like iPad perhaps is a dream for each person. However, what becomes the problem is if the memory space starts to run out. Doing regular cleaning perhaps can help to obtain extra space in short period of time. The next problem which may arise is how if you require larger storage for the next savings?

It is important to identify the memory usage of your iPad before you start to make additional space on it. Checking storage session on settings app helps you to discover total capacity of the gadget as well as the rest amount which is still free. You also will able to know how much of memory that have been used to store installed app. Photos and videos commonly become the largest hogs which take the memory space. The amount of space that needs to be emptied actually depends on the individual needs. These are several tips which can be useful for getting additional space.

Deleting unused files

To create an extra space, you should look for files which use the most space. Find also the unused apps or the ones which are less frequently used. Then, you can either delete it or move it to another storage device. Saving edited files often take much space as well. Instead of saving the files using the installed apps which take space of the iPad memory, you had better to export the file into iTunes File Sharing available on Mac. It is not only help to store the files but also they can be imported into iPad whenever you want more editing. But, you need to keep in mind that when you remove any file from the app in iOS gadget, you had better to select the option which allow not deleting the file from the computer, but just removing it from the device. In File sharing, you can discover the option to save and backup the file beyond the iTunes Library.

Managing image and music files

Other files which fill the space quite fast are image and music, especially if you don’t really care about their storage. There are some tricks to manage this space problem. Backing up the image files whenever you don’t add any to the device is effective to save the space. You can use online storage sites such as Dropbox, Facebook, and Flickr to save the files and remove them from the iPad. Image and music files that are imported from iTunes app will be managed on that app. For instance, you can manage music by selecting Music section. Then, choose Sync Music and choose Selected playlists, artists, albums, and genres option. This technique allows choosing music files which you want to display in your iPad. As music files eat much space, you had better to choose apps which don’t require any downloading such as Google Play Music or gMusic which allow playing the music files you have uploaded wherever you are having cellular connection or Wi-Fi.

Storing in cloud apps

Using cloud apps is another effective way to empty space in the iPad. There are many files which can load the space such as PDFs and documents. For such kind of files you can take benefit of cloud app such as Dropbox to store them as well as maintaining the memory space. You can use iBooks or Kindle account to save the eBook documents so that you can remove the files from the device after you finish read them. However, as long as you can manage the memory space well, you will never find any problem in providing extra storage in your iPad.