A few years ago, we could only have our jaws dropped watching movies portraying robots from the future. Everything seems so far, dreamy and simply impossible. How can human develop a robot that can do house chores, work in a factory, counting and even killing other people? But now, robot developments have come to a very mature stage that it is not impossible to see massive robotization in the near future.

Inventors create robots to make human life easier. Let the robots do the hard work in every industry and work place so we don’t have to. At first glance, it’s definitely very convenient to have a robot do all the dull jobs for us. But in the same time, some people think that deploying robots as a new workforce is a threat for human. When robots can do things human usually do and even substitute them, more efficient and hardworking robots will finally steal human jobs. But is it true? Is it possible that the era of robotization is around the corner and we will face massive unemployment when that said time comes?

Massive and Advanced Robot Development

For these past several years, robot developments have gone through such a golden era. As industries keep demanding more efficiency and productivity, more startups have started venturing to the robotic development. Robobrain, for instance, is a project that takes advantage of cloud to improve robot’s skill and knowledge.

Human learns many things from other people and also their environment. That is also one thing that distinguishes robot and human. Robot cannot learn from each other and as a result, their knowledge is limited to what has been programmed into their system. Now, what will happen when robot can finally learn from each other? That is exactly what Robobrain project is all about. When a robot has learned something, the knowledge will be shared to the cloud where other robots can access and also learn that knowledge. This impressive project could be ready in only three or five years. And when this technology is finally available, it will accelerate and simplify robot programming so many robots can learn one specific skill in the same time which will be very useful to be used in factory work. Are you feeling threatened with this?

Working Hand in Hand with a Robot

Many people have expressed worry about these advanced robot development. But actually, according to many robot inventors, robots are not created to substitute human. Instead, robots are developed to work hand in hand with human to make the job easier.

Universal Robots have managed to develop a robot that can work alongside human. This robot really works together with human and it specializes in doing repetitive jobs in high speed and accuracy while the human handle other tasks. This kind of robot indeed will reduce the amount of human workforce needed, but in the same time it will increase the manual laborers’ productivity and make their job easier.

But from what Universal Robots have achieved, we can conclude that most robots are only capable to handle repetitive and programmed jobs—at least for now. Therefore, there are still many jobs that cannot be touched by robots and still rely on human’s touch and emotion. Entrepreneurship is one of them. But even without the robots being an entrepreneur is never easy. So, do you have what it takes to enter the competition?

What’s in the Future for Human Race?

Robotic development is advancing and it cannot be stopped. From a robot that can take college entrance exam, do dull jobs in the factory to a platoon of robot that can be sent to a battlefield, someone is actually working on them. So, what’s in it for the human in the future then? Could the robots really take our jobs? Well, judging from how advanced robot developments nowadays are, the answer is probably yes. But what’s new, though?

We have seen machines and other technologies took over human’s jobs since decades and even centuries ago. But somehow, humans always find new things to do. Just take a look at what you are doing now. You are probably working in a field that didn’t exist 50 or 100 years ago. Even though robots would take over the jobs we are doing now, we should not forget that technology always assists human development. So, new jobs will definitely be created in the future. But what would those jobs be, well, let’s just see what the future brings.