Looking for a DVD converter program? Want to convert DVD to MP4 easily? The word DVD might be something that you have not heard for a long time. It is to be expected, of course, for DVD is starting to get rare as the clock hand ticks. How many people can claim to still own a working DVD player? DVD has been replaced by Blu-ray, and with the rise of many different items that can play Blu-ray disc (even gaming consoles can now play Blu-ray disc), DVD is starting to get irrelevant in this modern world.

But what if you are a person who owns a large collection of DVD? What if you are such a movie addict that you have bought a lot of DVD disc? What if your trusty DVD player suddenly broke down? Surely it would be a waste to throw all of those DVDs away for a more expensive Blu-ray disc, right? Gaming consoles and Blu-ray players are not exactly cheap, so by buying those two objects, not only you will waste money, you also need to buy Blu-ray disc for each movie that you have a DVD version of.

That is certainly not something that can happen. Earning money is a hard thing to do these days, and you cannot just throw away money just like that, no. The easiest way would be to convert the content of your DVD disc into an MP4.

Converting? What is what?

For those of you not wholly familiar with the English language, converting means turning something into another. It is a word that is mostly related to religion, food, and many other things. With the advent of computer technology, however, converting is starting to take a brand new ground. Converting in computer technology means changing the type of data to another type. In its basic form, a modern computer is basically just a machine that is filled with programs. These programs can read data assigned to their purposes (Microsoft Word can read Word-based data and so on), but only if the data being read fulfils the parameter that the program has set.

In this case, let us talk about DVD

Contained within a DVD disc are programs that can only be read by DVD players. These players are programmed to be able to read the content of a DVD disc and nothing else. If you try to put a Blu-ray disc into a DVD player, then be prepared to potentially have a broken DVD player AND Blu-ray disc.

If your DVD player suddenly broke and you do not have enough money to replace it, then perhaps you should try converting it so that it can be used in an MP4 player. An MP4 player might be a strange concept to you, but a whole lot of things can play MP4 files. Computers, gaming consoles, and some high-end televisions have a build in MP4 player in them. Even if you do not own all of them, you can find computer cafes pretty easily (when compared to DVD cafes. Are there even DVD player cafes?) and you can access that file. Heck, computers can even read and play the content of DVD discs, so you can skip the converting process entirely if you have a plugged computer.

Converting DVD made easy

Back to the topic of converting DVD, you would need to have a DVD converter program installed in your computer if you want to convert DVD to MP4. One of the famous examples of a converter program is DVDFab, which is a program specifically created to convert any kind of file. Below you will find the tips to use DVDFab 11:

-First, load the source DVD into the disc drive. If you got a computer that is outfitted with a disc drive, you can just load your DVD disc into the computer and wait for the computer to finish reading it. If your computer is a bit new (newer computers do not come with disc drives), you might need to get an external one. It is expensive, though.

-Second, run DVDFab. Should be obvious. If you want to use an application, you need to run it on your computer. Find the ripper category and click it.

-Third, find the format prompt, choose MP4, and do some customization on the video if you want to (Yes, DVDFab also gives you an option to do some minor editing here. You can either add sound, add a caption, change resolution, and do any other video-editing nerd thingy).

-Lastly, you need to set the place where you want to save the converted result in. When you have decided where you want to save it, then you can just press the green start button on the bottom right corner of the application. After that, you are done converting and you can immediately use the file that you have converted.