A Neodymium magnet is one of the important elements in specific products such as a computer, motor, wind power, and many others. This product is manufactured by a large company namely Jintong Magnet. Let’s learn a little bit about the company and the products for better understanding before using it.

About JinTong Magnetic Company

JinTong Magnetic Technology Co., Ltd. Is a company which produces and neodymium magnet. The location of the factory is located in Changzhi City, Shanxi Province. It becomes the most popular company in China which specializes in neodymium magnet. They produce the product in a 35.000 square meters area and two branch plants which produce over 3.000 tons of magnets. Until today, the company has 23 years of experience and delivers the product all over the world. The product is commonly used for motor, sensor, meter, electronic instrument, medical service, automobile, aerospace, and man more. The company becomes the most popular magnet producers because it serves high-quality product and reasonable price along with good service.

Types of Products

There are some products which made of neodymium magnet. The list of the products and the short explanation is presented below.

Countersunk or Screw Magnet

This product is designed for extra protection. There are two types of countersunk which are irregular shape magnet and round countersunk magnet. Irregular shape magnet is considered the most powerful magnet material in the world. Due to the strength, the magnet is a perfect product for projects which need extreme strength. Just like any other magnets, the weakness of countersunk or screw magnet is when it is dropped in which the magnet will lose its power. Although it is designed in small size and shape it is not a magnet for children so just keep away the magnet from children. The round countersunk magnet is also a strong magnet in the form of a ring. This type of magnet is commonly applied in toys with big screws such as robots, It helps to keep the toys sturdy and solid.

Round Magnet or Cylinder Magnet

There are some round magnets produced by Jintong Magnet including cylinder rod neodymium magnet, disc magnet, small round magnet, and round magnet.

Bar or Block Magnet

It also consists of several products. Those are including square magnets, rectangle or bar magnet, block magnet with CSK holes, rectangular block magnet, and many more. There is also a bar magnet which commonly used for door accessory.

Customized Magnet

There are two main products in this section. Those are arc magnet for speaker and cup shape pot magnet hooks.

The Benefits of Using Neodymium Magnet

There are several benefits of using neodymium. For example, this product is durable. The durability is coming from the triple layer coated. Because of the triple layers coat, the product is protecting from rust. Moreover, it is also considered as a permanent product. Because of this characteristic, the magnet is strong enough to hold the other materials and it is also resistance to magnetization. The best part is that the power is long lasting as long as it doesn’t fall down. A neodymium magnet is more than the ordinary magnet. It is considered as a multifunction magnet and can be used for a variety of purposes. The magnet is able to use for DIY art, handcraft, and storage. It is also suitable for daily usages such as used in the garage, home, office wall, and even for scientific experiments. The best part is that the magnet is easy to use. You don’t need additional tools only to use the magnet. Moreover, the magnet can be assembled fast and easy. You just need to put it on the magnetic surface and the power holds the magnet. You don’t have to drill and create holes to apply this product. The thing you need to remember is on the separation process. You have to do it carefully because the magnet is fragile when they crash each others and it reduces the power.

How to Order Neodymium Magnet

Another important information you need to know is how to order the magnet. Just check the size first such as the length, width, and the thickness. It is also important to check the coating. Zinc and NiCuNi are the most common coats used in the magnet. Don’t forget to mention the grade you want to order and the magnetic direction. You may also give additional detail to the company so you can get the best neodymium magnet just like what you want. Just make sure that you get the right types of the magnet so you can use it maximally to complete your jobs. For the complete information about the magnet and the products by Jintong, you can visit the official website.