A water filter is a tool functioned to filter the water from the contaminants physically, chemically, and biologically. The main purpose of the water filter production is to find a kind of water that fulfills the quality standard. When it is particularly used for household necessities, the tool is also known as the whole house water filter.

Each product of water filter may have its own ways of separating the water from its contaminants. However, the way it works is relatively the similar to each other. Physically, the water filtering process can be done through some methods including the sedimentation, filtration, and absorption. Meanwhile, chemically, it is by applying the methods of reduction, oxidation, aeration, and coagulation. Lastly, there is a biological method implemented to make sure that the water is perfectly clear. It is by using microbiology method to kill the pathogens.

Technically, there are some goals that are achieved by using the water filter at home. They are:

Clearing the Water

Not all the turbid water is dirty or contaminated by the dangerous substances indeed. In fact, there are waters found in some areas that are still considered safe being consumed although it is not clear enough. However, we should not also ignore the facts that most of the turbid waters are not as healthy as the clear ones. Sadly, the water is often found in the neighborhood areas.
One of the functions of the water filter is to clear the water. It reduces the levels of water turbidity and makes it much safer to be used and consumed daily.

Kill and Remove the Microorganisms

It is not a new thing that the microorganisms contained in the water tend to give further health problems. There are cases when people are suffered from a headache, stomachache, and even poisoned after consuming certain water.
Besides, some diseases like diarrhea, vomiting, itches, and allergy are also caused by the consumption and usage of bad water. Since the dirty water cannot be avoided, that’s why; the water filter is definitely needed.

Remove the Smell, Taste, and Color

Healthy water must be clear and free from the smell, taste, and color. That’s why, when those three things are found in your water, its quality is questioned anyway. Make sure that the water filter you choose is not only killing the microorganism but also remove the smell, taste, and colors as the indicators of contamination.

Manage the Acidity Level

The most ideal pH or acidity level of water to be consumed and used for daily life is from 7.2 to 7.4. Well, it can be more or less than them as long as it is still in the 7 range. That’s why; if your water‘s pH is below or above 7, it is not recommended to be consumed and used.
Another function of the superior whole house water filter is to balance the pH or acidity level of the water. The water with pH around 7 is categorized as alkaline water. The term alkaline water refers to the water that balances the changes of fluid conditions that tend to be acid.