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What is PDFelement?

PDFelement is an enterprise-level PDF solution which is very easy to use and extremely affordable. It is a free PDF Reader and Annotator. PDFelement is available for Windows, Mac and the application of PDFelement is available for download on both iOS and Android.

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use to view, navigate, and print or to forward to someone else across different platforms

Why I feel this one is the best?

As a student, I need to make many presentations to submit our assignments. The assignments have to be created in the form of PDF and submitted to our Head of Departments. While conducting research and writing research papers, we need to retain the exact content and appearance of the documents which can be done only in the form of PDF.

The advantages

There are various benefits of using PDF format, which is why I use PDF to create documents. Some of them being-

  • Maintenance of document format

The biggest problem of sharing a document made with Word processor is that when we transfer a file from one system to another, the formatting can change. However, with PDF format, a document is represented exactly in the same layout.

  • Small file size

I have seen on various occasions that the PDF format has an advantage of compressing high-quality files to small file size. This is very ideal to save hard drive space.

  • Works on all operating system

PDF form works on all major systems. So, while transferring a file, we do not need to worry whether the receiver can view the document, as it works on PC or a Mac or even in an operating system such as iOS and Android.

A bit about PDFelement

PDFelement is an affordable and extremely powerful tool for the editing PDF document. It is a great alternative for Adobe and also very much cheaper than Adobe.

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PDFelement lets a person carry out a lot of activities including the following-

  • Open PDF document
  • Edit text
  • Crop document
  • Insert/remove images
  • Insert headers and footers
  • Insert watermark
  • Insert background
  • Organise pages- combine different documents or even split a document into smaller ones.

PDFelement also lets the user to annotate or even bookmark the documents. It allows us to convert our document into MS word, Excel or PowerPoint. One of the most important features is that it allows protection of our document and encrypts it with a password.


Optical Character Recognition (OCR) can create a digital copy of handwritten or printed characters after scanning it. PDFelement 6 pro for Windows has a unique feature of OCR, which is not available in most of the other PDF readers such as Adobe Acrobat, Nitro Reader Fox it Reader etc. OCR increases the effectiveness of work in offices. It makes data entry faster and is a great help to visually impaired people by reading out words on the screen.

PDFelement needs a processor of 1 GHz processor or above and a RAM of 512 MB or above. There are different versions of PDFelement available with various features- PDFelement 5, PDFelement 6 Pro, PDFelement 6 Standard, PDFelement 6 Professional etc.


With so much ease in handling PDFelement, this has become quite a good option to handle a different kind of projects and assignments. As a result of this, more and more people these days are opting PDFelement.

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