Evolution calls for moving away from the past and into the future. Making improvement and becoming better. Humans have adopted and taken this to improve their lives. Innovators and creators strive to make technological and scientific improvements. This journey towards a better, a more convenient future started with the invention of the wheel and seems to have to end. Take the internet for example. It started with slow speeds good for faxes or emails only. Today, we have numerous providers offering speeds that were once unimaginable. Spectrum for example is amongst the top providers in the US, click here to learn more about Spectrum internet and entertainment options.

These innovations gave technology a push and numerous brands emerged on the scene. Only a few brands match the popularity of Apple. Everyone is on the lookout for the new Apple products. Enthusiast and influencers are busy digging the internet, looking for design leaks, news, and features. This search and excitement reach the pinnacle in September. Why September? The annual Apple Event!

The Apple Event

Remember Steve Jobs? The brains behind Apple. He used to host this event every year and fill us with joy by announcing new Apple products every year. This tradition started off in the year 2005 and the first Special Apple event happened in August 2006.

This marked the beginning of a new era and would prove to be a game-changer in the mobile and computer industry. Apple has used such an event ever since and attracted a lot of attention along with providing its consumers a platform to know what the company had to offer.


Without further ado let’s dig into the rumours and news regarding the new Apple products that may be on the offering in a couple of weeks.

1.      Product range

Rumour has it that Apple is going to stick to the tradition and launch three products come September. This would replicate their predecessors and will likely contain a budget model (like the iPhone XR), a midrange model (like the iPhone XS), and finally the top of the line, star of the show (like the iPhone XS Max).

Apple usually announces their new products in mid-September and this year the event may be held on September 10 2019. You can also expect the most recent iOS 13 with the all-new iPhone. The Apple event will be followed by the pre-booking campaign so that you may get your new iPhone before everybody else.

2.      Display

It is not very often you hear two rivals sharing the same technology, especially when one buys from the other. Reports have it that Apple will be using Samsung’s OLED panels that provide the extra edge with their touch integration. This not only reduces the width but may also aid in the creation of a lighter phone.

OLED is something for the top of the line variant, the real question here is will they upgrade the mid-tier and budget models as well? While there’s a certain answer to that, Macotakara reports that Apple is looking might reduce the 6.5 and 6.1 inches OLED display phones. This interesting report changes the screen sizes of all the models and leaves a few more questions that will only be answered at the Apple Event.

3.      Camera

Multiple cameras are in fashion and it looks like Apple will join the suit. They are looking to hit the market with a triple camera phone which may result in their largest model ever. Macatakara Sequels of both iPhone XS and XS Max will have three cameras while they are unsure as to what will the lower tier offer.

Some rumours suggest that the back cameras would be 14 megapixels and 10 megapixels respectively. The front-facing camera is rumoured to be at 10 megapixels. Though, there are chances that the front-facing camera may get a jump to 12MP which will help improve Face ID functionality.

4.      Battery and Charging

The withdrawal of the AirPower wireless charging mat by Apple meant that its users had to rely on third-party solutions. The next generation of the iPhone seems all set to support bilateral charging systems. What does this mean? Your iPhone will now be able to charge and help others by sharing that juice with another phone or the new AirPods.

This exactly why MacRumors predicts that the new iPhones will have larger batteries. The estimate is said to be somewhere between 2 and 20 percent of their predecessors. This seems to be an improvement as the previous models were in need of some extra juice to support all that power and light.

5.      Processor

TSMC is all set to power your iPhones in 2019 and beyond. The next generation of A 13 chips is expected to be built on 7nm+ package with extreme ultraviolet lithography. Like the previous years, A 13 is destined to bring performance and efficiency improvements. In addition, Bloomberg report says that a co-processor (AMX or matrix) will add extra power and ensure you get the fastest ever iPhone.

6.      Cost

When have you seen a new technology dropping its price? Never. Apple is all set to go a little higher from its base price of $999 for iPhone X. This time around Apple has been quiet about the prices and features of the upcoming models.

SIM-free pricing is said to be around $999 for 128GB variant, $1099 for 256GB variant and the 512GB iPhone would cost you around $1199. The Max variants are said to be released at a price of $1199 for the 256GB and $1299 for 512GB