Non-Toxic Cleaning Products

You’ve probably done this already with your skin care products so now you just move on to your cleaning products and switch’em out too. I know it can seem daunting and overwhelming to think about replacing all of your cleaning products. So we’re going to take this slow, and work through this one small step at a time. No stress. No overwhelm. Here are the steps you need to take in order to stop polluting yourself inside your own home.

1.     Get your mind right.

Like it or not, we’ve been conditioned our entire lives with images, slogans, and catchy jingles that are meant to make us think and act a certain way. It’s called social engineering. Forget everything you know about cleaning products, because chances are it most likely came from a TV commercial or a magazine ad for said products. Understand that there might be a little work involved, and that everything in life can’t always be easy-off.

2.     Switch only one product at a time.

Make this a gradual thing, and don’t necessarily dump all your products at once, or you’ll wake up the next day needing to clean your bathroom and have no idea what to do. Start with one product (the next tip tells you exactly which one to pick), and go full force in finding a viable alternative that works for you, before moving on to the next one.

3.     Start with your most used product.

The hardest part of starting is starting. And sometimes we get paralyzed when we have to choose where to start. So make it easy for yourself and go with the most popular cleaning product you use. Most likely that is going to be dish soap. Conventional dish soaps contain a number of toxins such as SLS, which has been proven to be carcinogenic. Choose a natural dish soap instead and say good-bye to nasty chemicals on your hands and your dishes.

4.     Decide if you’ll DIY or buy

Once you know what you’ll be replacing, it’s time to think about whether you want to buy it or make it yourself. There are of course pros and cons to both; most notably that truly safe cleaning products can be a bit pricey, but homemade cleaners can be even more expensive if you need to buy all of the ingredients. On top of that you need to spend some time researching recipes and making the product. In the worst case the recipe you chose does not work for you. In that case you wasted time and money. This is why I recommend you purchase your natural cleaners. You can find a lot of DIY cleaning tips here.

5.     Multi-purpose is your friend.

Take a look under your kitchen sink, and count how many different cleaning products you have under there. What if you include the cleaners you have under your bathroom sink? Those bottles and containers are starting to add up, aren’t they? Did you know that you can clean your whole house with just a handful of products and ingredients? It really is that simple. Look for all-purpose cleaners that you can reuse for different surfaces.

Are you ready to make the switch to non-toxic cleaning products? Eliminate some of the worst chemicals available and give your health a serious boost.

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