The kitchen is an area in the house that is constantly advancing and changing. The technology continues to grow as people look for easier ways to do tasks that need to be done and jobs that can’t be ignored.


The kitchen has grown from a simple place made of porcelain and wood, to a place full of electronics and LED lights.


Here are a few ways that the kitchen has advanced over the last number of years:

The Refrigerator

The fridge is a huge appliance that takes up a ton of room in the kitchen and can serve many purposes. From the fridge and freezer, where your foods are kept cold, to things like water dispensers on the front – refrigerators are constantly changing and are now unrecognizable from what they looked like 15 years ago.


Nowadays, refrigerators can even have LED screens on the front that show your favorite TV show while you are cooking supper.


If you spend lots of time outdoors, an outdoor refrigerator might be worth the investment!

The Stove

The stove’s cooktop is another piece of technology that has continued to change and adapt over the years. The coil stoves are a thing of the past and have been replaced by elegant, smooth electric cooktops that are easy to clean and quick to heat up. You can even find electric stovetops that have up to 6 burners – all that can be used at once.


Gas cooktops can still be found and are preferred by some because of how long they last and how hot the cooktop can get for cooking.

The Dishwasher

Washing the dishes has been the most dreaded task in the kitchen for as long as we have been cooking our own meals. Handwashing is dirty, grimy, and time-consuming. Old dishwashers were ineffective and weak, leaving you with dirty cups caked in food.


New dishwashers are more powerful when deep cleaning your dishes while also saving you money on your water and energy bill. Along with that, new dishwashers also allow you to put in more dishes for each load through a form of ‘dishwasher Tetris’ which means you will have to start fewer loads.

The Coffee Machine

The coffee machine might not be vital to the meals you are cooking on a daily basis, but don’t mess with people’s coffee! It is a way of life for people and is an important part of certain people’s routines.


Coffee machines have progressed so much that they are now almost unrecognizable. You can set a timer for when the coffee should start brewing, keep it hot for as long as you’d like and have the machine self clean itself.


One of the most loved (and fastest advancing) aspects of new coffee machines is the fact that you can make much more than a cup of coffee. Nowadays, you can make fancy drinks you used to only be able to find at your local cafe, like cappuccinos, lattes, and espressos.


Coffee machines like the Nespresso Vertuoline are much more than coffee machine and are selling like crazy, meaning people just want more of this type of machine.

What’s the Next Step for Kitchen Technology?

Who knows where the modern kitchen will go next. Nobody could have ever guessed how far we’ve come in the last 15 years so we can only guess where we will be in another 15 years.


I expect technology to continue to make things easier for humans through the use of A.I. and smart tech, to the point where the kitchen can almost cook and clean all by itself.


Could fridges begin to order food for you when something gets low? Could stoves automatically turn on and begin cooking dinner as you are leaving work? Could dishwashers load and unload themselves after every meal?


These are just some of the most basic ideas that come to mind when you think about future advancements in the kitchen, today’s most important room in the house. All I know is that us humans are loving these new advancements that make it easier than ever to cook and clean up in our very smart, and very advanced at-home kitchens.