You’re here because you’ve already heard about the turn-based role-playing strategy game Summoners War. Its increasing popularity comes from this game being multiplayer and mobile, making it an easily accessible game for anyone with a smartphone to play on iOS or Android. The thrill of being a part of the over 100 million players worldwide who are endlessly engaged in battle throughout the Sky Arena over Mana Crystals, its most coveted asset, has made this game a hit. The biggest question a lot of new players have is how to spend these crystals wisely.

Opportunities to gain Mana Crystals incrementally increase as you begin to establish yourself within the game. When you begin playing, every crystal you get is part of a bonus. Saving these crystals is crucial to any beginning player’s success within the game. After the player begins to gain crystals through daily tasks and within the Sky Arena, more options become available for the player to gain Mana Crystals.

The most important aspect of player success is how these crystals are spent. Like anything else, there are differing opinions on what is important, but as a general rule of thumb, newcomers should heed the wise advice of seasoned players. Here are some of the best purchases you can make in the Summoners War.

1.). Premium and Summoners Packs

I totally get the desire to spend your crystals as you get them, but this is something every player should know when starting this game: don’t. Save up your Mana Crystals to make your first purchase important. It’s a strategic move because the player will get 11 mystic scrolls, 100k mana, a fire, water, and wind Angelmon, and the chance to summon one of the Summoners War top monsters. This makes this premium pack a remarkably tactful choice in the early stages of your gaming experience.

2.) Expanding and Unlocking Space for Your Monsters

This is something that most players agree to be important. Expanding the space that you have for your monsters early will keep you from having to fuse your monsters as often. Keeping up with the demands of space for all of the monsters you summon will become a quick issue. If you make the point of expanding your monster space as soon as possible, you won’t have to worry about running out of space.

3.) Double XP

The secret behind spending your crystals on double XP within the game is that you can evolve your monsters quicker. Summoners War top monsters can reach up to 5-star levels, making the length of time to level up your monsters seem eternal. The option of purchasing double XP is excellent for every player who doesn’t want to spend all of their crystals on premium packs and wants to make quick progress in the game.

Every great video game out there has its tips and tricks to making the most out of the gaming experience, and Summoners War is no different. There are various guides available to help players old and new make the most out of their gaming experience. If you’re new to the Summoners War, following our tips on the best way to send crystals will help you level up quickly and play your best game.