Solitaire is one of the most known card games. The best part is that Solitaire has various variations; the most popular one is Spider Solitaire. Spider solitaire has gained massive popularity over time because it is fun and addictive to play. It can be played on a smartphone, tablet, or computer. Moreover, Spider Solitaire has various difficulty levels, from very easy to extremely hard, making it easy for players to choose the level they can play comfortably.

But what is Spider Solitaire, and how is it played? Keep on reading this article as we explain everything you need to know about this fun card game.

What is Spider Solitaire?

Spider Solitaire is a one-player game often played on computers or phones online or offline. The game’s objective is to assemble 13 cards of a suit in ascending order from ace to king. Once the 13 cards of a suit are assembled, it is removed from the game. The player will only win the game if all eight suits are played out.

There are typically three difficulty levels of Spider Solitaire you can choose to play.

One Suit Spider Solitaire Game: in this game, you can complete a column with any cards in descending order, irrespective of color or suit.

Two Suit Spider Solitaire Game: in this level, the player can only complete columns using cards of the same color.

Four Suit Spider Solitaire Game: in this level, the player can only complete columns using cards of the same suit, like with the case of poker hands.

If you are just starting with Spider Solitaire, it is advisable to start with the One Suit Spider Solitaire Game because it is the easiest level. Then as you learn more and get familiar with the game, you can graduate to Two Suit and Four Suit Spider Solitaire.

Things to keep in mind when playing Spider Solitaire

Now that you have a better understanding of what Spider Solitaire card game is and the various difficulty levels you can choose from, let’s discuss some of the essential things you need to keep in mind when playing this game.

As already stated, the objective of the game is to arrange cards from a king to an ace. This can be achieved by moving cards around.

When it comes to moving cards in Spider Solitaire, the rules are pretty simple:

  • You can move a single card from any position to another position if the card can help continue the sequence, i.e., you can move any 5 on top of any 6, but it’s not possible to move an 8 on top of a 7.
  • You can also move groups of cards if they meet this condition, meaning that you can move a sequence of 4,5,6 on top of any 7.
  • When playing a more difficult level, such as Two Suit or Four Suit Spider Solitaire, remember that it is still possible to move single cards in any way you wish. However, you can only move groups if they are in the same suit or color as the destination card.