• Introduction

Transcription is the procedure of transforming some speech into a text document. This process is usually implemented for recording the proceedings of interviews, meetings, trials, conventions and conferences. In some cases, the audio can be many hours long. As such, it can be very difficult to transcribe it all. Thankfully, there is software that you can use for this purpose. Easy Speech2Text is a program that can convert audio to text. It can rapidly transform mp3 to text. It is a highly versatile software tool. Therefore, it can also recognize a piece of text and read it

aloud to you. Read on to discover more about this fantastic program.

  • Reasons why we need to convert audio speech into text using Easy Speech2Text

◦ Transcribe more accurately

You can decide to perform transcription manually. This is where you listen to the audio and type it out. This can be very tedious. If the audio recording is very long, it can take you many hours before you finally complete the transcription process. Fortunately, the Easy Speech2Text software can perform this task for you automatically. It uses advanced algorithms to transform speech to text. This increases the accuracy of your final transcription.

◦ Keep records of important conversations

By converting audio to text, we can keep accurate records of crucial conversations. The words shared during a meeting or an interview can be very important. Therefore, it is necessary to record them using transcription. In this way, they are preserved in textual format in case the audio gets lost or corrupted.

  • Reason why we need to convert text into audio speech

◦ Enhance productivity during learning

We may need to convert a piece of text into an audio recording so as to boost our productivity. If you are learning a new concept by reading text, it may be difficult to understand its fundamentals. This is because you have to keep scanning and memorizing text so as to grasp the material. If you convert it into audio speech using Easy Speech2Text, the learning process is much easier. That’s because all you have to do is listen to the audio as you go along. You can listen to it as you work, drive or relax. This is makes it much easier to understand.

Easy Speech2Text is a free program that you can use to transform audio recordings into text documents. It is easy to use and 100% safe. This tool is powered by Google STT/TTS. Therefore, it can recognize more than 100 different languages. EasySpeech2Text has a very high accuracy rate. Therefore, it can recognize and transcribe words even if they are spoken with an accent. The program is very small in size. It also works on all varieties of the Windows operating system.

  • Features of this program
  • Multiple language detection with high accuracy

The Easy Speech2Text program utilizes Google STT/TTS technology. As such, it can recognize all natural languages and perform high quality transcription.

  • Speed

Its algorithm ensures very rapid transcription. Hence, you can transcribe many hours of audio speech in just a few minutes. In doing so, this software is able to improve the efficiency of your work.

  • Small size

Easy Speech2Text has a small file size. As a result, it is very easy to download and install in your computer system. It is not resource-hungry. As such, it can perform the transcription in the background as you run other programs.

  • Steps to utilize this program

How to convert speech to text

It is very easy to download, install and set up this program. This can be accomplished using the following steps:

√ Begin by downloading Easy Speech2Text from its official website.

√ Once the download is complete, run the setup file. This activates an installation wizard. Follow its instructions until you install the program fully.

√ After it is installed, Launch Easy Speech2Text.

√ In the main interface, add the MP3 or Flac file that contains the audio speech recording.

√ After that, click on the button labelled Convert. The process of transforming the audio into speech will begin immediately. After it is complete, the output will be indicated as text.

How to convert text to speech

√ Launch Easy Speech2Text

√ Proceed to switch up the interface by clicking on a button that is labelled Switch to TexttoMp3

√ After you click on this button, the program will give you a brand new interface to convert text to audio

√ Copy the text and paste it into the main dialog box

√ Click on the button labelled Play. This will activate the process of text to speech conversion.

√ You can pick from 4 voices during the text to mp3 conversion

√ The program will now read out the text for you

  • Benefits of this program

◦ Automation

Manually transforming audio speech into text can be a very tiring and engaging process. It is also prone to error. Easy Speech2Text helps you to perform this task quickly and efficiently. It is automatic and there are no errors. This makes the transcription process easy and fast.

  • Practical tips to make dictation

An interesting feature of Easy Speech2Text is that it can dictate text to you. The program can read out a piece of text to you in a natural, clear voice. It is even equipped with 4 voice options. This allows you to customize the quality of dictation.

  • Verdict

Easy Speech2Text is a powerful program which you can use to change an audio recording into text at any time you wish. It is small and easy to download. It is easy to install and has a user-friendly interface. Download Easy Speech2Text today and experience quick, precise transcription!