Sony has break records with their Walkman brand. The latest Walkman headphone collection is the NW-WS623. That is a Bluetooth wireless earphones with integrated mp3 music player.

Constructed for sports, the NW-WS623 is salt-waterproof, and helps an ambient sound mode that gives listeners situational attention of their surroundings.

For the most part, the NW-WS623 could be very similar to remaining year’s famous NW-WS413. They’re each in-ear fashion headphones with a neck band connecting both earpieces.

The earpieces themselves aren’t the inconspicuous, svelte, type. They stick out of the ears somewhat, and hook across the top of the ears for assist and a relaxed, solid, fit.

It took me some time to figure the way to put on the earpieces. I’m familiar with most in-ear style headphones, together with those custom in-ear kinds, but i did locate myself grappling round with the NW-WS623, seeking to orientate the earpieces into my ears. I eRe: do you take delivery of visitor posts?

Ventually discovered a way to work them, and as soon as fitted, they were secure. I don’t anticipate to have any concerns about the NW_WS623 falling off.

After placing at the NW-WS623, the next venture is to truely use it. Sadly, there are too many buttons. There are bluetooth headsets obtainable wherein you can just turn them on, determine out the pairing immediately, and get to apply it right away.

Except you’re familiar with a few other preceding Sony Walkman headphones, there could be a brief learning curve first of all. I truly needed to talk over with a setup guide to get me started. Excellent element that it wasn’t sincerely hard to determine out a way to get the NW-WS623 going.

Taking a short excursion around the NW-WS623, you’ll find the start button on the right side earpiece. It’s solely used for switching on or off this gadget. There’s a led indicator at the right of the power button. It blinks a selection of colors to suggest various fame.

Moving along at the right earpiece you’ll discover one button for play/pause, and a rocker for skipping to the preceding or next song.

A similar rocker on the left earpiece is used to control volume. The volume rocker has a raised dot at the “up” side so you can easily experience for the right side for “up” (or “down”).

The standout metallic button is used to govern ambient sound mode and Bluetooth functions.

The final button on the left is the mode button that’s used to exchange between diverse playback modes whilst using the built-in mp3 music player.

Bluetooth work well at the nw-ws623, however you may not pair with a couple of devices concurrently, a characteristic i’ve come to love from different Bluetooth headsets.

It may be a problem to replace among multiple audio sources, even though perhaps this isn’t an issue in case you simply use the nw-ws623 for sports activities.

Tune coming from the NW-WS623 is very pleasant. I don’t have excessive expectations on headphones which are designed for sports activities, and in particular ones which can be water-proof sufficient to be excellent for swimming with. The NW-WS623 does exceed my expectations.

The bass is light, but nicely-controlled. The mids are sturdy and distinctive. Stereo separation and the soundstage is first rate for an in-ear kind headphones. Typical the NW-WS623 will work well with maximum genres of track. Especially, while you are listening during sports, the quality is greater than enough.

The ambient sound mode is fantastic. Inner microphones in NW-WS623 choose up surrounding sounds and play them back so clearly in your ears that you hear better. I may want to like eavesdrop greater easily on conversations from a few tables away on the cafe.

There’s a piece of a stressful postpone, although, when turning the mode on and off. In reality, there’s generally a piece of an audio lag when playing music over bluetooth, which becomes quite obvious when playing videos.

Battery life isn’t a strong factor of the nw-ws623. Sony says you’ll get four hours of Bluetooth track, and 12 hours gambling from the built-in mp3 player. It’s likely shorter in real-life. I did most of my testing over Bluetooth, and i didn’t get near 4 hours. If Bluetooth is your essential use case, anticipate to want frequent charging.

To price the NW-SW623, you’ll need the charging dock. This is a chunk tough, because this is yet any other thing you want to bring around, but every other element that might wander away. The dock itself has a general micro-usb port, and you operate it to both charge the NW-SW623 as well as to transfer data.

The integrated mp3 music player stores 4GB of track. It’s not much space, but i suppose it’d be greater than sufficient for your swim or something wet hobby you get into that you may bring your smartphone alongside.

Sony provides two units of ear guidelines, used for both dry or wet conditions.
The sony walkman nw-ws623 retails at $199 at all Sony approved outlets.

Performance and Features

Pros: Ambient Mode is useful and easily accessible. Earbuds are loud, even at 45% volume. Rich sound with deep bass, detailed mids and visceral highs gets your heart pumping with every stride. Decent stereo separation. Comfortable and secure fit for sports. 4 hour battery life is as stated in Sony’s website. Reliable Bluetooth connection up to a 10 metre range.

Cons: Audio over Bluetooth is not as pristine as listening to stored music. Audio is slightly out of sync when watching videos. Earbuds get sore after a few hours of continuous listening. Charging dock does not store extra charges.


The sony walkman nw-ws623 is a top notch Bluetooth in-ear style headphones for sports. With a integrated 4 gb internal space, you can take the headset out for a swim, even within the sea, with no need your phone around.