Who simply not wants traffic to its blog or website? Whether you want to increase and improve your Instagram feeds, need more reviews to your Instagram stories, increase the visuals, build an impressive Instagram feedback, you simply need a command of the Instagram Tools. The knowledge of these tools will simply make a difference.

The popular picture sharing app is a lot of fun to use. The app can also simply help you grow as well. Instagram has more than 500 million active users right now. Social Shop is an amazing site which offers you the great deals on buying likes and followers which are reasonable. The social shop also offers the best scheduling of your likes. Many bloggers make use of Instagram as their promotion strategy – making Instagram as the best social media vehicle for increasing the blog traffic.

Today is the exciting time for you to get to know about the Instagram Tools. You can get advantage from the Instagram tools.

  1.     Photos Quality:

As we know that, Instagram is all about the pictures. The pictures posted should be attractive and impressive. Posting great quality pictures is a major tool to get more followers, likes and instagram video views. If you are expecting from Instagram that it will help you in the marketing all around than you should work majorly on the visual and picture quality. There are so many apps available now which make your pictures great. You can adjust the pictures, add brightness, use filters and also can change the backgrounds.

  1.     Instagram Feed:

The bloggers, marketers who are wishing to have more traffic to their sites should create a beautiful Instagram feed. Anyone who visits the profile, the first impression of the site is given by the feed of the profile to the visitors. Creating an amazing Instagram feed is a crucial step in the progress of the site or blog. It attracts more followers. Instagram planners are available, which helps you to look at your own Instagram feed. You can arrange or swap your pictures to make them look good to the visitors. You can design the impressive Instagram feed.

  1.     Managing Instagram Contest:

By hosting an Instagram contest you can have more users to your site or blog. This is the easiest way to get quick visitors. Engaging the people is such kind of campaigns can help in bringing new followers. You make your audience excited and updated regarding your blog posts. The people following you get a topic to talk about and a reason to visit the site regularly. They make your post promoted to others as well. You can also ask your visitors to share the post to as many people as they could for a chance to win a prize. This makes your blog populated and high on ranking.

  1.     Best Time To Post:

By getting on the Explore Page, you have more chances to get more followers. But the thing to focus on is, How to get on the Explore Page?

This is a mystery to be solved, to be honest. The time you post something on your Instagram profile, and the people look at your post at that time, directly affects the chances of your post to be listed on the Explore Page. So, you should focus on the time you are posting anything. Because that directly influences the audience and the likes on your post. There are two Instagram Tools which can help you in finding the best time to post.

One is the Instagram insights, which is the Instagram’s own analytical tool. This feature of Instagram provides you the valuable information about your followers. Like, where they are? Their gender, age, active time on Instagram. This helps you a lot in getting a large number of likes.

Second is the Later’s best time to post, this feature helps you out in finding that which is the best time to post, when you should schedule your posts on Instagram, to get the maximum engagement from the audience.

  1.     Better Instagram Stories:

Focus majorly on the stories you are posting. Make use of the filters, colors, brightness adjustment, shades, show your business profile. Make use of the story, boomerang, canvas, pixelgrade properly.  Instagram updated their stories mode recently, read the more here.

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