The DJI spark is a diminutive drone that simply screams to be installed your bag and taken everywhere you pass. It is probable to attraction to all degrees of customers thanks to its extremely compact size and strong characteristic set, however this miniaturization does come at a cost.

In comparison to maximum large models it has shorter battery time, lacks a 3-axis gimbal and, extensively, does no longer assist 4k video seize. However, did we mention that it is surely small?

With an MSRP of $499, the spark doesn’t have quite a few direct competition from fashions of similar size and characteristic units, though the closest opportunity is probably the Yuneec Breeze 4K.

If size isn’t always a critical component there are models with extra incredible specs, together with DJI’s own phantom 3 Standard and phantom 3 SE, in the same price range.

The spark is likewise to be had in a ‘Fly More’ combo that adds a remote controller, charging hub, spare props, propeller guards, and further battery for $699.

Key Features

• 12MP 1/2.3″ CMOS sensor
• 2-axis mechanical gimbal
• 1080/30p video
• Vision system for accurate positioning
• Gesture control
• 16-minute flight time
• Compact size

The element it is obvious right away is how an awful lot smaller the spark and breeze are compared to a full-sized phantom, though the phantom will live within the air quite a bit longer. The spark has a few tremendous benefits over the breeze, along with a much better most speed (while used with the elective controller) and a mechanical gimbal.

Each have a confined running range of 100m, however if you pair the spark with the elective controller the range extends notably. Possibilities are exact you will need the controller.

The cameras in all three fashions are similar in size to the ones determined in lots of smartphones. They’re now not going to be low mild champs, however they may be nonetheless capable of generating proper images and video.

What surely jumps out here is the spark’s lack of a 4k video option. Of direction, hd is generally high-quality for internet streaming, which we suspect will be a quite common use case for this model.

OK – let’s talk about what it’s like to actually fly this tiny beast.

The DJI spark isn’t your ordinary drone. There are (basically) 3 foremost modes of flight: a traditional remote control, control via phone, and manage by using gesture, every of which has several flight modes.

Overall, the spark is a very solid platform, especially considering its length. A wonderful deal of its balance comes from an aggregate of the uber-correct DJI GPS device, as well as the drone’s ‘imaginative and prescient’ device.

This machine functions downward-going through cameras that track the motion of the surroundings underneath the spark, in addition to the space among the spark and objects beneath it. The philosophy of redundancy that dji has implemented with these functions consequences in very correct positioning, and hovers that are extremely stable.

Believe it or not, this is not something new. We first saw this type of stability in the (non-GPS) Parrot AR Drone back in 2010. DJI has certainly perfected it though.

Gesture Control

Gesture control is – in idea – a quick manner of having the spark into the air and getting selfies, organization pics, and even video with the drone following the consumer.

The drone is released by means of retaining it in front of your face, with the digital camera pointed closer to you, then powering on the unit and tapping the power button two-greater times. The cars will spin up and the spark launches.

Phone Control

You may control more elements of the drone’s flight the use of a telephone than with gesture manage, and there are several flight modes available:

Quick Shot: this consists of numerous cinematic-style pictures (circle, helix, rocket, and dronie)

Active Track: lively tune uses the item-popularity functions of the on-board pc, and this mode consists of hint and profile (hint follows your actions, and profile stays parallel to them — flying sideways to hold the dig cam pointed on the difficulty).

Take notice that item-avoidance capabilities designed to hold you from crashing the spark will not work in profile mode, or in hint if the drone is flying in reverse.

TapFly: this mode lets you tap at the display to allow the drone to fly to that point on the video display.
You can control more aspects of the drone’s flight using a phone than with gesture control.

Direction: much like tapfly, this mode goes inside the direction you tap, but keeps visiting till you forestall the drone.

Virtual Controls: the usage of digital controls, you can pilot the drone as in case you had your thumbs on the sticks of a dedicated faraway.

Optional Remote

The use of the remote gives you far better manipulate than the virtual controls on the phone. Additionally, it offers you greater manipulate over the tilt-fee of the gimbal, permitting you to get a lot higher cinematic pictures.

The base model spark does not come with a far off controller, but you may purchase one one at a time or get it with the fly extra package deal.

If you’re a mavic pro person, you might also be a piece burdened at the beginning. The spark far off would not plug into your smartphone immediately (as the mavic’s does), however makes use of your cellphone’s wireless instead.
In case you want to apply the controller, we advise buying the fly greater package deal when you buy the spark in preference to buying the controller one after the other.

Assuming you will need as a minimum one greater battery, the package is cost effective as it includes several other useful accessories as nicely.

Our Impressions

The spark is about the size of a racing drone, but make no mistake – this drone is for use as an aerial camera. It is extraordinarily agile and enormously strong for its size, mainly thinking about that we primarily examined it in strong texas winds.

However, there is no manner round it: the ‘non-compulsory’ controller isn’t in reality non-obligatory. In our opinion it is a should-have. The spark is difficult to govern using the digital controls, even for experienced pilots. With physical controls it is a very one of a kind, and a miles higher animal.