Gold jewelry has always been the mainstay of jewelry, and has been chased after  by people since ancient times. Whether it is married or worn by yourself, gold jewelry is one of the top choices. In addition to a variety of styles, gold jewelry also has a variety of types, roughly divided into hollow, solid, hollow out, then what are their characteristics, which is worth buying? Which is the best value?

Hollow gold jewelry is easy to distinguish, and the weight is relatively light. When you buy it, you can judge it by taking it in your hand. Because the jewelry is empty, using the extensibility of gold, the appearance looks very big after making the jewelry. You must know that 31.25 grams of gold can be made into gold foil with a thickness of one millionth of a millimeter and an area of 16.2 square meters. However, gold jewelry is generally sold in grams, so for the same size of gold jewelry, hollow gold jewelry’s prices is much lower. Sometimes you may see a bride wearing a bunch of gold bracelets at the wedding, which may be hollow gold jewelry, it just looks more “spectacular”.  Advantages: The advantages of hollow gold jewelry are obvious, that is, for the same size of gold jewelry, the hollow price is lower; disadvantages: The shortcoming is also obvious, the hollow gold jewelry is empty because there is no object support when it is worn. In the event of an impact, collision, etc., it is easy to be crushed and deformed and difficult to repair. Therefore, the advantages and disadvantages are clear at a glance.

Solid and hollow is completely opposite, solid gold jewelry inside and outside all are gold, no gaps, the weight is heavier. Advantages: Solid is much stronger than hollow. It is not easy to break and deform during long-term wearing, and it can maintain the appearance of gold itself. Be aware that the attributes of gold are inherently soft.   Disadvantages: It is said that gold is calculated in grams, and solid gold jewelry will be more expensive. Solid and hollow gold jewelry that looks the same, the price of the former may be several times that of the latter, and if worn for a long time, the solid gold jewelry will feel heavy. The hollow out gold jewelry has been very popular in recent years, especially among young people, whether it is for wedding or daily wear. Not only is it beautiful and bulky, but the price of hollow out gold jewelry is not expensive. Advantages: There are many hollow out styling patterns, which can better meet the needs of the younger generation for the beauty, and it becomes fashionable and beautiful. And the hollow out gold is generally lighter in weight, with less pressure on the wearing part and lower price. Disadvantages: The hollow out gold jewelry of the hollowing process also has the same problem as the hollow gold. The slight bump during the long wearing process may cause it to deform. This is not as good as the hollow gold jewelry. The hollow gold jewelry has at least one support point, and because of the cumbersome process, damage is not easy to repair. We wear it on our bodies and hands for a long time, we have to do some housework, which will accumulate stains and make it difficult to remove.

Summary: Gold jewelry that has been worn on your body for a long time is best washed regularly and left for a period of time before wearing. So as not to wash for a long time, the bacteria will not only affect health, but also affect the beauty of jewelry. In addition to the appeal of the gold jewelry process, it should be noted that gold jewelry is not 100% pure gold, because in order to ensure that the opening and closing parts of the gold jewelry can be buckled to prevent loosening, opening and closing parts are made of 90% gold material, which is in line with national regulations. In terms of craftsmanship, solid gold jewelry has the best quality and the best value; if you want to preserve value, it is recommended to buy solid gold jewelry; In terms of price, hollow and hollow out gold jewelry is obviously more cost-effective, the same size of gold, the price is relatively lower. In terms of value, the hollowing out process is cumbersome, beautiful and creative, and the hollowing out process is more popular among people. I believe that there is always a variety of crafts to meet you, according to the advantages and disadvantages of various gold jewelry, choose the most suitable one for yourself.