Amazing credibility of Snapchat is proven with its increasing followers and users. This mobile messaging application is globally appreciated for sharing texts, drawing, photos as well as videos. With the growing numbers of users, Snapchat is being revised from time to time. Recently Snapchat is revised with integration of an amazing feature.

Now, using Snapchat is much easier with this feature. Universal Search feature integrated with Snapchat enables the users to search for friends or groups easily. With this feature, users can discover publishers and stories.

The Universal Search bar is displayed at the top of the app. This upgraded feature is available for some Android users from today and soon would be rolled out for every iOS and Android users. This app can be used for finding out the best conversations or any other content from Snapchat.

As per the spokesperson of Snapchat, this integrated interface in Snapchat is intended to increase the speed and performance of the app. With the integrated interface users can locate anything that you require while using Snapchat on the altered side.

As per the reports, Snapchat had declared to acquire mobile search startup last year. But it was closed recently by self which is still under mystery.

Determining the incredibility of the new integrated interface in Snapchat, the first featured aspect is its visual appearance. The Quick Chat option allows the user to skip directly to any particular friend’s threaded message in a faster way. Snapchat was considered to be baffling to few users in its initial phase for the integrated unique features but Snapchat has already proven its efficiency and is accessed globally. In the month of June, 2016, Snapchat had added navigation buttons and with this integration, users get easily circulated via search.

This enhanced feature of search is expected to be beneficial for brands or businesses that wish to build up audience via Snapchat. The newly introduced Universal Search is also helpful in generating revenues. Advertisers are allowed for making payments for the sponsored placements on top of the search results or in the search interface as suggestions.

With the new search bar on Snapchat, the users can directly jump to their own profile by just tapping on Bitmoji. If the user taps on friend’s auto-suggest card, then instant chatting is enabled. Users can even tap their story thumbnail that would instantly start viewing it in full screen. To view any person’s mini-profile, simply tapping and holding on the person’s card is enough.

Apart from viewing the accounts, daily editions of the channels and Our Stories can be found just by typing the specific titles. Now the users can view “Best Friends” with whom they often ‘Snap’ with. Snapchat has now allowed the users to submit anytime and anywhere to Our Story. Now the users need not pick ‘Our Story’ specifically for submission, instead they can use the posts as they wish to. Currently, there are no restrictions for building ‘Our Story’.