Premium laptop from HP has touched the ground. The HP Spectre 360 is what you call as superb laptop with a number of high tech features. Even this laptop can be compared with MacBook from Apple. In its basics, the laptop has a line of premium parts including its high quality IPS display, Intel processor, large glass trackpads, aluminum chasses, and also USB Type-C that is added with Thunderbolt 3. When all those features are put together, they produce competent laptop with excellent performance.

HP Spectre Design

On the outside, HP Spectre represents modern and sophisticated design. Its entire body is made of aluminum to deliver premium feel. Its color is bold without any head turning color scheme yet is gorgeous. Take a look at the speaker grille and the keyboard which are very nice. Even more, HP has chosen the right place for the small branding. It is on the hinge so it is only visible when the laptop is turned into tablet mode. The latest version of Spectre chose to go with more rounded edgy to increase the comfort while using the laptop unlike the previous version that comes with sharp edge.

Move to the right edge and you will find 2 USB Type-C ports that are added with Thunderbolt 3. This type of ports is still rare so Spectre is among the luckiest ones to have used this port type. Apparently, this port type has several different uses for external display, peripherals and power.

Moreover, Spectre 360’s display is outstanding thanks to 1080 IPS touchscreen with vibrant colors and wide viewing angles. Although this latest model doesn’t have higher resolution display option unlike previous models but this is not a major issue because the standard resolution is brilliant enough.

HP Spectre 360 Performance

With this laptop, you will get the latest Intel processor seventh generation. You can get either the latest i5 or i7. Spectre with Intel Core i7 comes with 512GB SSD and 16GB. These specifications may not guarantee video-editing powerhouse or gaming machine but it is already fast enough to handle daily multitasking. At least, it can handle photo editing very well where it will not let you to skip a beat. Doing multitasking with this laptop is also not a hard thing to do as you can easily switch between emails, tabs, browsers, Office, Twitter and other applications. With the price tag of this laptop, all those features are good enough.

Spectre also has another surprise for its audio sound quality. This laptop comes with 4 speakers. Two of the keyboards are placed underneath the chassis and two others are placed above the keyboard. Those speakers definitely can produce loud and full sound that makes it ideal for conference calling. Although its quality is less than new MacBook Pro’s but it is slightly better compared to other laptops in the segment. Apparently, Spectre 360’s battery life is quite an achievement as it can stand out as stamina champion. This laptop can be used for daily task for 8 to 10 hours straight without plugging in.

Considering those listed features and performance, HP Spectre 360 can certainly be one of a kind laptop that is reliable for few years round.