StaffHub is going to be a part of enterprise’s productivity!

Microsoft has rolled out new Office 365 on Thursday that has eased the process of assigning schedules for the workers who don’t access desktop. Managers of the companies are going to reap the benefits exclusively.

StaffHub is designed for the managers who require assigning daily schedules to the employees. It was quite tedious to set schedules for the workers without a desk. Now it is quite easier for the managers to set schedule and distribute resources of the enterprise with the employees with this simple interface. The employees in the enterprise even can use StaffHub for swapping their shifts with others. This can also be used for chatting too.

Microsoft integrates this new interface aiming to expand the usage of Office 365. Productivity feature of Cloud is helpful for the technical workers but the workers who aren’t even proficient with Word Documents or sending emails through Outlook suffer a lot.

Any user on StaffHub would require subscribing on Cloud Productivity Service, let it be an employee or a manager. The enterprise needs to purchase Microsoft 365 K1 plan for the workers not accessing computers which would cost them around $4 per user for every month. This doesn’t require access to the Office Desktop apps. StaffHub can even be availed through other plans of Microsoft like E1, E3 and E5.

StaffHub has amazingly lead Microsoft to compete with Zinc. Zinc is striving hard with a focus on the workers without computer access like service workers and retail employees.

StaffHub can be availed through website including Android and iOS apps. As per the General Manager of Microsoft 365, Bryan Goode, Microsoft had given lots of effort for working with the users of StaffHub, thus decided to release it on these specific platforms in the initial phase but plans to expand it to other platforms very soon.

Bryan Goode

Using StaffHub, the managers can easily set schedules for the employees. By means of a graphical interface the managers can block out timing of the shifts and assign any particular employee with a color-coded calendar. The prepared schedules can be pushed to the employees via StaffHub mobile app.

Via StaffHub, the employees can request for swapping shift with any other person. This request is delivered to the employee at first and then is delivered to the manager for finalization.

StaffHub can be used by the Managers of the enterprise for distributing any official document or files with the employees. StaffHub amazingly is helpful in sharing links with other resources of the company in an easier way through the app. StaffHub can simply be regarded as a central location or accessing point for the employees to collect resources from a single place.

StaffHub does have its own chat functions which appreciably allow the workers to communicate with each other. Even the workers can directly chat with the managers or any other superior on the same app on which they check their daily schedule and access the resources of the enterprise.