Factors including structural wear and tear, erosion, and age eventually make it necessary to require professional basement repair. Water follows where there’s little resistance. It usually seeps through the soil around the house’s foundation creating pressure on the concrete barriers. This wears away the surrounding soil and concrete. Professional basement repair is the solution to the detection of signs before the basement floods. Below are situations to tell your basement needs repair.

Stains everywhere

Outline of faintly stains on the basement walls, floors, and carpets is enough to make you call for professional basement repair. Don’t disregard similar signs on the immediate upper level. Even when your washing machine sometimes overflows, always take a closer look. Additionally, don’t disregard the signs thinking someone spilled something. A professional evaluation might discover that its seepage from water intrusion from outside.

Strange smells

Indeed, the basement smells differently from the levels above. However, be wary of strange aromas. The basement normally smells differently from other parts of the house because of humidity from appliances. However, this is different from the stink. The presence of a musty odor persistently in the basement might be a sign of undetected moisture lurking somewhere. This usually creates mold and mildew leading to the bad smells. Also, look out for sewage smells in the yard. It might be a sign that your basement is not in good condition.

Chronic sickness

The presence of toxic mold in your basement might cause chronic illness and symptoms. A wet basement might cause everyone in the household to have flu that doesn’t seem to go away. So, mold-related sickness requires more than medical solutions but getting rid of the source for good. The best basement waterproofing in Pottstown limits the presence of mold to protect your family from fatalities. These might result from prolonged exposure to toxic mold leading to health issues including:

  • Fatigue
  • Headache
  • Increased thirst
  • Nasal congestion
  • Vision problems
  • Chronic cough

Soggy yard

Don’t overlook puddles in your yard. It is quite hard to believe a soggy yard results from a wet basement. However, water intrusion in the basement encourages seepage above the ground. The wet basement might be resulting from groundwater, surface water, or leaking pipes. Water that fails to drain off your property is a potential threat to the structural integrity of your basement. The presence of water puddles in your yard requires calling for a professional evaluation.

If your home is located in a place with a high water table or with underground springs below, it might result in a wet basement. Remediating the problem requires professional evaluation and undertaking specialized waterproofing measures. Alternatively, if the problem results from leaky pipes, replacing them is inevitable. Another source of water in your basement might be runoff from your neighbor’s property. Redesigning your drainage to handle the excess is necessary.

Rusty metals

Exposure of metals to water makes them lose their shiny look. So, be wary of rusty metals in your basement. A wet basement encourages high humidity in the whole house with a significant impact on metals. Check for nails that support your wall hangings. Additionally, check all metal fixtures for signs of rust. Look out for rust patches in your electrical box. Never hesitate to request a professional inspection to discover the source of the problem. This allows getting appropriate solutions before the issue escalates.

Bug infestations

Regular calls to the pest exterminator require finding a long term solution. There is a chance that there is something you’re not getting right. Insects love coo moist, and dark places. It is no wonder that the wet basement is likely to have a number of these pesky creatures. Instead of calling the exterminator for a more advanced solution, fixing your basement might be a better solution. Waterproofing the basement makes it water-free and eliminates the chances of becoming a breeding ground for pests.

Swelling wooden fixtures

Exposing timber to water makes it increase size exponentially. This results from soaking up moisture in the basement. Water in the basement encourages excess humidity in the air. Wooden supports in the basement including in-floor joists and doorways capture this. You can tell swollen wood fixtures when you feel ripples underfoot or when you have to close doors with more force than before. Professional basement waterproofing is inevitable before the structural integrity of your fixtures is compromised.


Does your eye catch some sparkling on the basement floors and walls? Well, this is no stunning natural special effect. This is a sign of a wet basement. The effect results from light reflection on mineral deposits on concrete after the moisture evaporates. You have to call for professional basement waterproofing to prevent further problems.


Calling a qualified technician is the right thing to do when you notice any of those signs in your basement. After professional inspection, you’ll get a solution designed to resolve the source of wetness in your basement.