An SEO audit is an important process for assessing the search engine friendliness of your websites in different aspects. The main objective of an SEO audit is to optimize the website so that it can sustain a higher ranking in search engine results.

SEO audit services leverage different steps in order to gauge the effectiveness of your website. It is important to use reliable SEO audit services because the SEO industry is constantly evolving and you need to implement the right measures to stay updated with it. Google continues to update its ranking algorithm every year, and using SEO audit services help you stay updated with the changing trend.

  1. Consider Google Penalties

If your website is under the algorithm penalty, it is going to negatively impact its rankings. To check if your online business is hit by Google’s penalty you can compare your Google organic traffic with the date Google released an algorithmic change.

If your website has experienced a sudden drop in organic traffic, it is an evident sign that the website was impacted by changes. Identifying as many details as possible with regards to Google updates and modifying an SEO audit accordingly is an effective approach.

  1. Technical SEO Audit

Performing technical SEO audit is an important part of SEO audit services. Technical SEO ensures that the search engines can easily access as well as index your website pages. While it is technical, you do not necessarily need system administrators or developers for this step. Following are the checklist that you should be considering for SEO audit –

  • Is the robots.txt file optimized?
  • Are your URLs SEO friendly?
  • Did you register your website with Google search console and Bing webmaster tools?
  • Did you mention the preferred domain in the Google search console?
  • Did you activate your breadcrumb menu?
  • Is your structured data enabled?
  • Did you optimize your 404 pages?
  • Is the website HTTPS?
  1. On-Page SEO Audit

Once you have checked the technical SEO audit and made essential changes, it is time for you to perform an on-page SEO audit. On-page SEO is an imperative aspect of SEO audit services. The primary objective here is to assist search engines to understand what exactly is the content you are providing. You should offer search engine crawlers right signals by harnessing different modules of on-page SEO. Following is the checklist you should consider for on-page SEO audit –

  • Optimization of titles and descriptions
  • Headings and text formatting
  • SEO compliance of content
  • Assess the internal link structure
  • Check SEO-friendliness of the images
  • Look out for broken links
  • Check the usage of banner ads
  • Gauge the user-friendliness
  1. Off-page SEO Audit

Off-page SEO includes methods and techniques to promote the website on the internet. When performing an audit of your off-page SEO, the main aspect you have to consider is the quality of the incoming links. There are many useful tools that help you sort good links out from the bad ones.

You have to invest regularly in SEO audit services to ensure that the website is in compliance with the latest algorithm of the search engine. Above are some steps that will help you perform an SEO audit on the website and boost its ranking. The other option is that you could also connect with an SEO expert team and get your site audit done. A data-driven agency like Infidigit could be an ideal team to perform the site audit for your online business.