There are many ways on how to earn online. You can make money through posting ads and writing content through paid sponsorship. You can sell products and services via an online shop or through social media platforms. Or, you can make a website that offers highly-specialized content, where people pay a particular premium to gain access. 

The biggest challenge, however, is to form a solid audience. It is when SEO or search engine optimization becomes relevant. 

What is SEO?

When you go to a search engine, like Google, it will find an answer to what you are looking for through its algorithm. SEO is your key to utilize the search engine algorithm at your advantage. For example, when someone looks for anything that relates to your business, proper SEO utilization will allow your company to be on top of the list of search results. 

How Do You Make Money Through SEO?

An effective SEO utilization lets your business be on the top of search engine results. Here are three useful tips to help you make money through SEO utilization. 

Optimize your website. 

Search engines look beyond the words on your pages. They consider the authority and speed of your website. 

A website authority relates to the relevance and the users’ level of trust to your website. It goes up when users mention, cite, and link your website through different articles and social media posts. 

Speed pertains to how long your website responds when a user opens the home page, tabs, and other links. According to a survey, most users leave a website when it takes more than two seconds to open. 

Use significant keywords or search terms in all your posts. 

Search engines, specifically Google, rank websites when users look for something through keywords. Use them in your article’s title or use then twice or thrice in the body. For example, I need to write an article about kids selling their artworks for a cause. 

I might want to have a title like:

How Kids Help the Less Fortunate Through Art: A Fun Yet Noble Deed

Draw and Sell: Kids Take A Stand to Help the Less Fortunate Through Art

Remember that when writing an article for web content, the title must be clear, straightforward, yet appealing.

The keyword in the title is Help the Less Fortunate Through Art because you may want users to find the article when they look for articles related to helping the less fortunate and art. Make sure that when you choose your keyword, pick something that people will most probably search for that is related to your business. 

When you have decided on your keyword, use it frequently on your posts. Moreover, placing the keyword in the title is not a must but will add points to let your rank go up in search engines. You may also add your keyword in the H2 or heading 2 tags. 

You may also utilize internal links to direct users to other parts of your website. With our example above, let’s say that your business offers art products and classes. The article that we have is about kids selling their artwork for a cause. You may, then, create a link about the materials that they used to your products list.


Write content like you are talking to someone. Google and other search engines go for longer and sensible articles. Short pieces that have less than 300 words become insignificant. Moreover, search engine optimization may ask for a few more words to make sure that users fully understand your article.

However, take note that no matter how long your article is, make sure to write in a way that your audience can easily understand your idea. Choose simple and general words, instead of technical and highfalutin ones. 

Share your post with the world!

Make sure to share your brilliant idea with other people. By sharing your article or post, the possibility of users finding your website is high. The probability of them purchasing a product or enrolling in service is likely to happen. 

Additionally, use reliable social media platforms to increase your conversion rate. You may form business relationships with influencers to increase the reach to your target market. Remember, the higher the number of share posts, the higher your rank becomes in search engines.

Here are some tips to increase your social media audience according to the online magazine, Entrepreneur in their April 2018 post:

Instead of choosing a single social media platform, use various platforms to post your content. You will never know what social media platforms will stay relevant over the years.

Communicate and invest in influencer posts. Influencers help your company or brand reach your target market.

Be active in the comments section of your posts. Gain the trust of your potential consumers by replying to all comments on your posts, even if they are negative.

Contemplate on having paid social media marketing. It will give you a good insight on how to form your next marketing strategies.

Use online tools to analyze data from social media platforms and other blogging sites to assess the effectiveness of your marketing strategy.

Make a clear and specific branding for your business. Choose a word or a phrase that best describes your products or services. Make it your keyword and use it frequently for an effective search engine optimization.

Look for ways to attract your target audience. Create significant content that will make your audience notice you. 

Takeaway Thought

To effectively do a search engine optimization, practice the three tips we mentioned above. The first is to observe website and content optimization to increase your business website’s rank in the SERP or search engine results page. Find ways to increase your website’s authority and speed to have your potential consumer stay and navigate the contents on your site.

Next, utilize the use of keywords or search terms. Include your chosen word or phrase in the title or at least in the H2 tags of your article. Add internal links and related links to let search engines know of your existence. 

And last but not least, post it online. Use blogs and social media platforms to reach your target market. Form partnerships with influencers to get higher conversion rates. 

If you want to know more or if you have any questions, feel free to visit Their experts will let you understand the hoops and loops regarding digital marketing, SEO, and the wonders of the internet.

Nevertheless, remember that SEO is the key to let your business be known to the world. It is your best way to make money online, which in the long run, will lead to your success.