Scooters are nothing new in our world. We’ve seen various types of scooters and mopeds since the birth of the two-wheeler industry. Since then, scooters have evolved from the basic two-wheeler to a full-fledged vehicle you can use to commute to different places within a city. It’s no more just a toy for kids. 

Thanks to the increasing need for more transport solutions and catering to the ever-growing demand for more accessible commuting options, the scooter has gone through plenty of tech advancements to make using it easier, and above all, safer. 

If you’re thinking of investing in a scooter, here are five tech advancements that will assure you of the safety of using a scooter: 

Aircraft-grade aluminum alloy 

Also found in MacBooks, aluminum alloy is light, robust, and strong. It gives the object strength, protection, as well as the durability of steel even at 2.5 times less density. The weight factor is crucial in a scooter as it allows for less battery usage and less energy consumption, leading to faster acceleration and longer rides. 

Enhanced braking systems 

Among the best enhancements for scooters come in the form of braking systems. Once upon a time, scooters only had single hand brakes, which caused major safety issues. However, modern versions of scooters now come with front disc brakes, similar to those used in motorbikes. This enhanced braking system prevents the risk of a fall, or worse, whiplash, especially with short braking distances.  

Wider tires 

Wider tires have been found to provide better grip, especially on sharp bends. It also allows the rider to have more control, especially when roads are wet or slippery. Wider tires also don’t wear out fast and can increase the comfort level when riding because it provides a longer suspension and has better shock absorption. 

Anti-theft systems 

Among the biggest grievances for scooter owners are theft and vandalism. While vandalism and theft can occur anywhere and at any time, manufacturers of scooters have at least addressed one problem – providing anti-theft systems for the scooters. 

You’d commonly find an alarm or even an engine immobilizer that doesn’t allow the scooter to move unless it’s used with the exact transponder key.  

Enhanced lighting system 

Good visibility is paramount in any kind of micro-mobility vehicle, and the same goes for scooters. To further enhance the safety of using a scooter, especially at night, manufacturers have included a boot light that’s placed at the back portion of the scooter. This ensures that other vehicles on the road and even pedestrians can see you. 

Bottom Line 

The enhanced safety features of a scooter don’t end here. As the years go by and technology keeps on advancing, there will be newer ways to increase the safety and security of the rider on a scooter. 

That said, as a rider, you must also practice proper safety, such as wearing a helmet, using bike lanes, and following the traffic laws in your city.



Justin Miller is a contributor for 

Over the last eleven years, Justin has spent most of his time outdoors participating in his favorite hobbies including hiking, running, riding scooters, hoverboards, bicycles, skateboards, etc. 

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