Instagram becomes one of today’s most used social media. This social media prioritizes photos as the main content. So, Instagram is quite different from other social media. When it comes to social media, including Instagram, the number of followers is often used as a benchmark to measure someone’s popularity. There are so many things that can be done to gain more Instagram followers. But if you prefer the instant one, these applications can help you.


For you who want to get free Instagram followers, GetInsta is the best tool that you can have. This application supports 3 different platforms; iOS, Android, and PC. You do not have to be worried about security. GetInsta is 100% safe and risk-free. No password and no survey is needed. This tool provides real and high-quality Instagram followers and likes for free. How come the free part is possible in this tool? So, GetInsta is the gathering place for real Instagram users. They follow and like each other’s posts in order to get coins. Then, they can use the coins to get unlimited Instagram followers and likes for free. So, this is how it works. As you can see, GetInsta is not risky at all. You can find and download this application on the App Store, Play Store, and its official website.

GetInsta has professional and experienced teams. They provide customer support services for 24/7. If you have any questions or complaints, you can directly contact them. No leak, no virus, and no risk. Your privacy will be well-kept if you use GetInsta. Followers and likes will be increased at the same time. All followers and likes will be naturally and organically sent in a reasonable time. So, your Instagram account will not be at risk to be banned or punished.


The next is Followers+. Just like the name, Followers+ is a useful application to gain more Instagram followers. Moreover, this application is also very helpful because it can detect the trending topic on Instagram based on hashtags. You can also repost and save photos from Instagram by using this application.

Hashtags Mix

Hashtags Mix is compatible with both Android and iOS. As you can see from the name, this auto Instagram follower application can help you get more followers by using trending hashtags. It is easy and simple to use it. You just need to add a unique hashtag from this application to your Instagram posts. Moreover, Hashtags Mix also gives beneficial tips about how to effectively manage your Instagram account. Isn’t this application very useful?

Fame Boom

The next one is Fame Boom. If you want to instantly and quickly gain many more Instagram followers, you might consider installing Fame Boom. This application works by filtering popular hashtags in detail so that other Instagram users will be triggered to follow your Instagram account.

Get Followers & Get Likes

Get Followers & Get Likes is an application to get more Instagram followers for free. This application is produced by Headlamp Ltd. As you can guess from the name, you can gain both Instagram followers and likes at the same time with this application. Moreover, you will also be able to monitor the insight of your Instagram account.

Insta Follow Tracker

Insta Follow Tracker application can help you to set up the analytics of your Instagram account. This application can also track other Instagram accounts that follow back your Instagram account. By using this Insta Follow Tracker application, you will also be able to keep your eyes on more than 100 posts to see the coverage from likes and comments.

Follower + For Instagram

With Follower + for Instagram, you will be able to get a thousand followers per day. This application is not available in Google Play Store. But you can browse it on the internet and download it. Another benefit of Follower + for Instagram is this application can also monitor the growth on your Instagram account as well as gain your interaction among Instagram users.

Fast Followers Boost

Last but not least is Fast Followers Boost. This application is secure to use. It also offers some interesting features. Fast Followers Boost does not take many memories on your smartphone since it is light. Besides Instagram followers, you can also get more Instagram likes with this useful application.

Those are the most recommended applications that you can use to gain more Instagram followers. Instead of buying Instagram followers, why don’t you gain ones for free? So, which application are you interested in?