Business Consulting Accelerator


Sam Ovens need no introduction and his consulting accelerator program has become the talk of the hour today. Sam Ovens built a profitable consulting business. He designed the program on the same process which he himself followed. It’s a 6-week course which teaches you the skills to create a location-independent business. The course has been refined and changed many times since it was launched. The various elements of launching a profitable business i.e. setting the foundations to learning sales, mastering paid advertising strategies are taught.

Sam Ovens consulting accelerator program is for people who want to start their own business without traditional overhead and upfront costs. It is also beneficial for people who are already running businesses. They can implement Sam Ovens tactics to flourish their business. The principles of consulting taught by Sam Ovens are equally true for all types of businesses. You can also check out the review by journalreview – Summary by Sam Ovens.


Now let us take a look at the course structure.


Week 1 – Laying your foundations

The first week covers the fundamentals of launching a consulting business. A lot has to be done in the first week. There are three main points of focus in this module:

  • Explaining what is consulting and how it works.
  • Deciding the niche where you want to operate.
  • Creating the most valued offer.


Week 2 – Paradigm and worldview

It’s all about mindset in the second week. We are actually driven by our thoughts, feelings, and emotions and the toughest thing to master is the mindset. We all are limited by our belief system which makes us struggle in doing business. The limitations could be anything like mental success barriers, financial glass ceilings, etc.


You will not find any online course focusing on the emotional side of starting a business from scratch. Sam Ovens consulting accelerator program has dedicated the entire second module towards building the mindset required for success.


Week 3 – Alchemy of Client Conversion

The third week of the course focuses on sales. You need to communicate the value proposition of your product to the client clearly. Sam Ovens teaches the tactic of converting a stranger into a high paying client in one phone call only. He says to meet the person half-way, identify their emotional drivers and then find the solution to meet their demands accordingly.


Week 4 – Alchemy of Client Attraction

This week covers the marketing aspect of the business. They teach various actionable strategies to get clients. The strategies we follow could be free or paid. For a new startup, the first task is to get the first paying client. Sam Ovens recommends simple straightforward strategies for getting the first few clients. The course emphasizes starting with free strategies before going for the paid marketing methods.


Week 5 – Fractal Facebook Evolution

This module deals with Facebook advertising. It tells about the working of the Facebook algorithm and using it to find customers that no one else is marketing to. The course is a detailed explanation with more than 24 hours of content. The course explains highly advanced strategies from the ground level which makes it easy to follow and implement for people who are totally new to Facebook ads. After setting up the consulting funnel build an effective message for your target audience and not much is needed to do for ongoing maintenance.


Week 6 – Minimum Viable Service Delivery

Last week of Sam Ovens consulting accelerator program gives insights on how to structure the service delivery. The focus is on the operations side of the business i.e. setting client expectations, hiring contractors and managing the cash flow. They teach how to automate the daily tasks so that the business grows and scales effectively while maintaining an excellent level of service for the clients.


Consulting accelerator bonus training module

There is a bonus training module along with the 6-week course which is called ‘DM Bonus’ i.e. Digital Marketing bonus. It will help you find your niche if you’re struggling to do so. Sam Ovens mentions his personal experience and tells about selling the marketing retainer contracts. One more bonus you’ll get a box set version of the entire course for free. These are shipped to every student all over the world.



Sam Ovens business consulting accelerator program gives you everything you need to know. Sam Ovens has covered areas which most of the people don’t think of seriously. There are thousands of video testimonials available on the website of the successful students from every niche and market that you can imagine. If it has worked for them it’s sure that it will work for you also.