The best people in sales have always learned how to use new technology to their advantage in gaining more sales or fostering stronger relationships with clients, and artificial intelligence, or AI, is no different. AI has been of great help in improving sales. Here are four ways that AI has changed the sales process for the better and how you can use it to your advantage.

Optimized Assistant

Many AI systems, like Spiro, have been created to act as optimized assistants that learn your business. They can help you identify holes in your sales process, understand new opportunities that you may not have realized yet and do a variety of other tasks.

If you need a digital assistant that continues to learn your business and helps you realize your potential, then you definitely want an optimized assistant like this. The program will continue evolving to match your specific needs.

Price Changing

It’s hard not to become emotional when trying to make a deal with another large company. You want to win the bid and become their supplier or close the deal, but you’ll often be asked to drop the price lower than you’d like. It’s easy to go lower and lower until the other business is happy, but that’s rarely a good idea.

AI sales programs can look through all of your other deals and consider factors like the size of the order, which quarter the deal is being made in, number of competitors and industry to ensure that you pick the right price for any deal. This will make it easier to stay objective while doing business.

Sales Forecasting

AI can use sophisticated algorithms to accurately determine what your revenue will be while estimating common orders that you should expect during that month, quarter or year, depending on your search format.

Not only does this help you forecast how much money you’ll make, it helps you determine which orders you should be ready for. You can use this to capitalize on deals, ensure that products or materials are available and to better manage your inventory and other resources.

More Sales

You are always pushed to sell more. The more you sell, the more money you make and the larger the business grows. That’s easy to say, but selling more can be incredibly difficult. Most businesses do this by doing more marketing and getting new clients.

While you shouldn’t stop your marketing efforts, AI systems have been made to show you which clients are likely to buy more if properly pushed along with those who will be interested in different products. You’ll find that these programs help with upselling and cross-selling, ensuring that you make as much money as possible on each client.


AI systems have been made to improve the sales process and give users a clear advantage. Not only can this help you forecast sales, but it can also help you make the most money possible while also giving you a digital assistant that can help you 24 hours a day. Consider adding AI software to your sales process and see how much your profit can grow.