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The close announcement of the release date has increased the emotion of the fans of the best PS4 games, who hope to have lots of new titles on their newest generation consoles. A few of these games have already been subject to demo sessions and they helped the PlayStation owners to get an idea about what the new console could offer. At we will be reviewing the get  PS4 games as they come but also finding you where to get the best deal. Check out our quick review of some of the released date games that we liked. Make sure to check back over the next few months for the latest updates.

The Witness

This is an indie puzzle game that has impressed many fans. Jonathon Blow, the creator of this game, acknowledged that his team tried to eliminate repetitive action in this game that needs about 25 hours to be completed. An inviting tropical island, with soothing music and bright colors, is the décor of the action, while the intrigue is very catchy.

This game, presented as the system architect’s own vision of PS4 games, made a demonstration of the graphical capabilities of the new PlayStation family member. Knack is a robot-like being, capable of summoning the surrounding objects to help changing its own shape and get new abilities. This game illustrates the console’s ability to manipulate several objects, simultaneously, on the screen.

Watch Dogs

First previewed at the E3 event, one year ago, this game showed off in how many ways the player can interact with other characters and objects as well. The main character’s movements flow freely and seem to be organic. The player can assume a role of a rogue vigilante, able to hack into computers and track down the criminals in order to eliminate them.

Deep Down

This is probably the best demonstration of what the new console can do. A world with medieval humans and fire-breathing dragons, where the battle scenes are intense, is the frame where this game has its action. During the demonstration, the game was paused in the middle of a tensed scene, allowing a player to send a note to someone and ask for help – a scene never met on any console before, perhaps the future of gaming.

Drive Club

Drive club is 10 years or so in the making. It really does look like it could be the best driving game of all time. As expected with any game today the graphics are amazing with so much detail. Even the sued and stitching on the driver seats are there to be seen. Each light headlamp is set up and works like a real headlamp. The makers are really shouting about the online play and the social intergration with facebook. It seems like this is they way gaming is going and Drive Club seems to be at the forefront of this. Race and time yourself and challenge your friends all around the work. We look forward to seeing how this game evolves.
With a bundle of new PS4 games, the users of the console will have an impressive experience that will even include cloud gaming and sharing.

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