A website is a bit like a motorcar. It is an asset which expresses your personality. It is something that you want to look good and it is an asset from which you want to derive the most mileage and obtain the best performance. And, like a car, a website is a vehicle that is worked on and driven by a range of people who should all be working in harmony to help it achieve its goals. In the same way that a racing car is not just a case of car and driver, but of pit crew and engineers and safety officers and a range of other people. But who are the people involved in the working of a website? Here is a quick rundown of who is who in the zoo.

Get the SEO right

Getting the search engine optimization for a website correct is a huge part of making it successful. Granted there are lots of other parts along the way, but discovery is the first element in the chain. And if a site is not discoverable then the other elements are moot. And the way that websites are discovered is through platforms like Google and Bing. Depending on where you are based you would need to search for the SEO specialist Melbourne and seek to make them a member of your team. This is a very specialist role and it is not something that can be done by anyone. Find the best person and make them a key member of your team.

Find a writer or two

A successful website needs content that is well written and fresh. This takes a copywriter or journalist who can turn into words the message that you are trying to convey. A good website needs original content and it needs to update regularly. Make sure that your audience acquisition strategy includes a ready supply of fresh content.

The build team

Who is responsible for designing, building and maintaining your website. These are crucial people and ideally you want them to work at the same place or be part of the same team. This is a key element to the success of the platform as these are the people who will design your dream platform and then code it. All the best teams will also have a good project manager as part of the equation to ensure that what is asked for in the product specification is what is built. A good project manager is a person who can deliver a project within budget, according to spec’ and on time. These people are not easy to find.

A very important element of this design and build relationship is ongoing support. If you are going to drive your website hard, you need to ensure that there is always somebody available on stand-by to help fix bugs, make design changes or jump in when things go awry. You might think that once you have built it that your website is done forever – but remember that it is like a car. It will need servicing and there are things that go wrong, inevitably when you least expect it.