The torrent industry is alive and booming, but it has become a lot harder for torrent techies to download them. Internet Service Providers (ISPs) have been scrutinised for not putting enough effort into stopping people accessing websites that allow torrents.

Some government authorities responsible for the control of copy write laws have started to place the responsibility to prevent torrents on the ISPs themselves. The argument behind the implementation of these laws is that the producers and artists are losing royalties – despite the fact these artists make millions and live lives only most of us good dream of.

OK – so we are not condoning the use of torrents, but those that are downloading them are clearly people that do not have the spare income to pay for the entertainment provided by the music and film industries. Therefore, why is there such a big fuss behind the whole saga?

Well, to be honest, if the governments did allow a free for all on torrents, then yes, we agree that it could have a negative effect on the movie industry. Therefore, to limit the number or torrent downloads, restrictions have been put in place.

At the end of the day this is fair enough. Plus, who cares if people are still downloading torrents? The movie stars are still out there making millions. Some are irresponsible about it too; while, there are of course those like Leonardo DiCaprio that try to make this a better world. We can make excuses to download torrents of music and movies from those irresponsible stars, but at the same time we can defend the same actions standing on the side of those artists that are upstanding citizens.

A VPN under the name cestpasbien has come under some scrutiny for allowing torrents to come through their network. People use this VPN to get around their own country’s ISP restrictions therefore the ISP are out of the picture and cannot possibly know if someone is downloading torrents while that person is using a VPN.

Some ISPs are required to ban or suspend connections if they suspect people using their router for torrent downloads, and so if you like in countries within the EU, then it bets not to use a VPN server in any of these countries. Look for severs in Asia or Africa if there are some there. Most VPN service providers will give you multiple geographical locations to choose from, so there is no way of being caught by the authorities.

There is the argument that torrents have contributed to the demise of video rental shops and the reduction in sales of DVDs. That means governments lose out on business tax and VAT. Less jobs are available, and businesses have been ruined. We can quash that argument immediately because NetFlix and other online services to watch movies have done this all by themselves – the governments did not stop these online sites.

As the movie stars and producers are living quite comfortable lives with the money they already earn from their productions, for those that cannot afford to buy original copies, then torrents are a way to share amongst those that should also have the privilege of entertainment. Certainly feel free to take a look at cpasbien torrent if you want to find out more information.