Phasmophobia Cheats Guide
Phasmophobia Cheats Guide

In the year 2020, many games have been developed, which has captured our attention. Phasmophobia I one of the most massive games that everyone is talking The reviews of the game is overwhelmingly positive and indeed worth reading.

Ghost hunting adventure is becoming famous among many new people due to the game called phasmophobia. Well, the cheat codes of the game are the testers to explore the different dimensions of the game.

One can reach the higher levels of the game by using cheats. The same is the case with phasmophobia cheats, it has many cheats that help the players to reach the maximum level; by using them. The cheats include Infinite money and XP, Flashlight Glitch, Player Cap removal Cheat, Summoning Cheat, and Character Modding Cheat.

How to play the game Phasmophobia

In the Phasmophoia game, you have to find the clues and figure out the ghost and what the ghost is. Several ways can be applied for finding the ghost, which includes using UV lights and Video cameras. Before starting the game, you should do all the main menu settings because once the game is started, you cannot change the settings. You can also set up the voice recognition that helps you to draw out the ghost. With different ghost you are dealing with, you can choose the different tools from the main menu. To solve the mysteries on the paranormal journey, four players play together in the Phasmophobia game. You can also play this game with the four players.

What are Phasmophobia cheats

  1. Infinite money and the XP is the PC specific cheat in phasmophobia. The players in the game can gain money by doing editing in the Windows Registry files. Players can also increase the experience by using this cheat. The cheat can be get by pressing the window key+R and then type ‘regedit’ without the quotation mark. After doing the previous step go to the Computer\HKEY_CURRENT_USER\SOFTWARE\KINETICGAMES\Phasmophobia. Then Press the CTRL+F and search the PlayersMoney_h. Enter the value you want for money and for XP.
  2. Flashlight Glitch is the most popular cheat of the Phasmophobia game in which the user can press the T key, which turns on the flashlight; it is for the users not playing in the VR. They can do it when they are actively equipped. The cheat helps the user to carry out the task as it frees the player’s hands and allows to see clearly everything.
  3. Player Cap removal cheats used to get more people in the lobby when playing the game.
  4. Summoning cheat allows us to get more spirits to spawn. This cheat helps to have more fun as more entities are added by using this cheat. The Summoning cheat helps to summon up the various items like flashlights, dolls, and much much more.


    In a nutshell, the cheats make games more interesting as they are desirable for them and make everyone happy. The cheats make the game less challenging, and players will have little difficulty in completing their goals. Well, the cheat codes are developed by the developers for the non-competitive gamers and also for the funloving so they can get to the edge.