Surely many wondered (after watching luxury life insta-What’s next?

And then you reinvest all your income into your account until you raise it to a decent level. After you continue to reinvest, but perhaps allowing yourself to pull a little on yourself.

But if you are not afraid of a long and free work, then definitely it is worth starting … bloger or after viewing the price of advertising on personal blogs): And how to create and promote your personal blog on Instagram?

Why create a personal blog or what you get after creating?

There are both advantages and disadvantages in creating a personal blog, but definitely after creating a personal blog you will have to change your life. In addition to your personal hobbies and activities, there should be those that will attract the attention of the audience. In addition, you must be in love with your business, otherwise the lack of sincerity is always felt by people. Continuous training will accompany you throughout the work on the blog: photography, editing, processing, copywriting, marketing, psychology, etc.

But if everything was just so bad, no one would start blogs, which means behind this work there are important advantages, for the sake of which everything is being started and get news of your sphere.


  1. Income (advertising, launching your own projects through an account)
  2. Publicity and recognition
  3. Capitalization of a personal brand
  4. Customers in your business
  5. New useful acquaintances and offers
  6. The ability to use barter services and do not pay for it
  7. Upgrading useful skills (speeches, writing posts, maintaining ethers, etc.)


  1. Results only in the long term
  2. Daily account work
  3. Hard work
  4. Regardless of life situations, you must remain in the information field, which is sometimes difficult
  5. Attachments
  6. Dependence on your audience


Increase followers with purchase

One of the main methods of attracting your first audience to a personal blog – buy 50 Instagram followers. So attract the most interested people to your blog.

Target advertising

Advertising and promotion of posts through the “Promote” button is used more to increase the reach than to actually attract the audience, but with the right approach, you can get quite inexpensive subscribers in this way.

Givewei – depending on your inner convictions, you can use Givewey or not. Personally, I have repeatedly spoken about this, and you know my attitude to the givas (do not get into the giva).

Mutual advertising

As soon as you gain your first followers, you can make mutual advertising placements, selecting accounts that are similar in scope and subject. Usually this is not entirely sincere advertising placements, so do not abuse reciprocal posts, because the audience feels insincerity.

How to monetize

Before you decide on the concept of a personal blog, think in advance about the sources of its monetization. You must clearly understand: how will you earn? what to sell? or what to teach?

If you do not have such an understanding, then most likely you will quickly “blow away.”

The idea of ​​creating a personal blog comes to mind of many people, but how many people in practice have been able to realize this?

At one point, everything stops and the imagination ceases to draw the sky-high incomes of bloggers, realizing that behind this is the daily work on content and promotion of the account. And only a small part of people are really able to work in conditions of a long lack of results, not to lose energy and performance.

Account monetization can be different, the most common ones are:

  1. Advertising in your account (Advertising Collaborations, Integration and Brand Ambassadors)
  2. Consultations
  3. Selling something
  4. Provision of services
  5. Training

Defining options for monetizing your account, you need to understand what you understand in order to qualitatively cover the needs of people in the future.

How to choose a theme

The choice of the concept of a blog should be approached consciously, since it will not be possible to radically change it, having already a certain audience.

Identify several topics that do not contradict each other and form the content within this framework. You need to understand that you will have to write on the chosen topic for years, so do not choose a topic with the approach: “Just to choose”.

Determine what qualities you would like to broadcast, and create content that will carry these meanings:

Displichirovannost and systematic?

– Publish content from morning runs and trips to the gym.

Development, expertise in their field?

– Show how you learn and improve your knowledge

– Show how you work, what your working days are doing


Learn the skill of writing storytelling – the ability to express your thoughts in stories that involve and keep the audience in an emotional state.Do not turn your blog into an encyclopedia of your field of activity, make “live” content that will show you from different sides, while not trying to idealize everything too much, show also your failures / packs. Otherwise, people will think them out for you, or gradually the confidence of a beautiful picture will fall. Show necessarily both sides of your life. But without going over and focus on the negative – people come to social. net relax and unwind, but never listen to someone else’s nagging.

In a personal blog in the first place – high-quality, interesting content.

It is very important to keep a high level of content and not to lower the bar. Your content is the battery of the audience.

Where to get ideas for content?

  1. Other bloggers with similar topics
  2. News of your sphere and your opinion about it.
  3. If you have a hobby, then this is the source of topics for posts that interest you.
  4. Events from the life
  5. Interview
  6. Reviews and reviews of events / places in the city / products
  7. Personal experience, thoughts and feelings
  8. Discussions in social networks
  9. Backstage of your work / blogging
  10. Do not forget about live content: story and ethers.

This is an integral part of your personal blog on Instagram, since it is live content that primarily forms your sustainable image with your audience. You can write anything in posts, but in live, people will see what it really is.

What’s next?

And then you reinvest all your income into your account until you raise it to a decent level. After you continue to reinvest, but perhaps allowing yourself to pull a little on yourself.

But if you are not afraid of a long and free work, then definitely it is worth starting …