Optimization of Business Processes with Minimal Investment and Risks

In this article, we will show what options there can be to overcome such a situation, and what results are obtained in practice. Businesses are dealing with a lot of troubles and challenges these days. Many firms are looking for a decent Information Technology support private teams for their companies. If you are also interested in a high-quality IT support firm, please contact IT support Glasgow.


Let’s consider the most common problems faced by all organizations at different stages of their development, as well as the results of their solution by describing and optimizing business processes (see Table 1). The given table was compiled on the basis of the experience of implementing more than 80 projects in banks and financial institutions. For most of the results, official press releases were published, reference visits were made to exchange experience, reports at conferences, and statistical reports were prepared. These are not theoretical plans or opinions of individual experts, but factual information and results that have been obtained by the work of large teams and are in the public domain.

The Most Common Problems: Solutions and results

  1. Financial indicators

Low sales by grocery business processes

High cost of business processes and products, high costs

Increase in sales for grocery business processes by 20% or more

Reducing the cost (costs) of business processes by 15% or more

  1. Management

Problems with the distribution of responsibilities in business processes

Lack of complete and accurate information about the work of departments and business processes

Ineffective management decisions

Increasing the transparency, manageability and controllability of the organization’s activities at all levels

Creation of a single electronic center for managing the organization.

Clear distribution of responsibilities in all business processes and procedures

  1. Product management

Long-term product development

Ineffective product line and marketing processes

Quick launch of new products on sale (from idea to first sale – 2 weeks)

Optimization of the product line and marketing processes

  1. Quality and operational risks

A large number of errors in business processes and work of employees

A large number of customer complaints

Losses due to operational risks

Reducing the number of operational risks by 30% or more

Reducing the number of customer complaints by 20% or more

Customer Satisfaction Index (according to surveys) 90% or more

  1. Development of a branch network and points of sale

Sub-optimal and insufficient branch network

Ineffective interaction between the head office and branches

The ability to quickly and efficiently replicate a business (create additional branches and offices)

Organization of effective interaction between the head office and branches (document logistics, budgeting, etc.)

  1. Technology

Weak automation of business processes

Technology mismatch with market and customer requirements

Building an effective system architecture based on business processes, introducing new systems

Business process automation control

  1. Personnel management

Problems due to dismissal or absence of key employees

High staff turnover

Insufficient labor productivity

Suboptimal organizational structure of the bank

Ineffective training of personnel (new business processes or changes are not communicated to employees), low qualifications of employee