Microsoft Powerapps Training

Have you considered using Microsoft PowerApps for your business?

This is a platform that works to create web apps and mobile apps. This is a great service to help boost staff productivity.

As a staff product manager, you can offer Microsoft PowerApps training to help your staff create better products.

So how do you teach your staff how to use Microsoft PowerApps? How do you help them understand this complex framework?

Here’s a basic guide to follow:

Choosing a PowerApps Environment

If you’re wondering what is Microsoft PowerApps, it’s a platform that helps you create apps without needing much knowledge of code.

When you open your PowerApps platform, you’ll get prompted to choose an environment. The environment is when you choose to create a web app or mobile app.

You can create an app from scratch using the Canvas app. You can also work via a template or existing model. It’s best to start with the former option to train your staff members.

Let’s look further into how the Canvas app and Model app differ.

Canvas Apps

This lets you create an interface using a blank slate. You can create your own controls and fields for your users.

It gives you the most freedom to design an app to your liking. You can use this for simpler apps such as word processors, notes apps, to-do apps, etc.

These apps can get created within a few hours. Once your staff master working with Canvas apps, they can graduate to Model apps.

Model Apps

These apps are made using Microsoft’s Common Data Services. This lets you build business rules, forms, fields, processes, and other tools for your company.

These are made for more intensive apps. Even though the layout gets prepared for you, the functions that these apps allow are more complex.

For example, if you wanted to create a data analysis application, you would use the Model Apps framework.

Connecting Your App

The best aspect of Microsoft PowerApps is its seamless integration with other Microsoft apps.

Part of your Microsoft PowerApps training must include how your staff can integrate their apps with other Microsoft apps. For example, they can create a data analysis app using the Models framework.

Then, they can create a function to export data from this app to Excel or PowerPoint.

Or, they can export content from their Canvas app to Microsoft Word. This makes it easier to work within Microsoft’s framework. This improves your efficiency and will boost productivity amongst your staff.

This is a great alternative to using other services such as Zapier or Salesforce that have been adopted by many startups.

Start Microsoft PowerApps Training Today

Now you can start Microsoft PowerApps training for your staff members.

Once you’ve installed the framework on their computers, start training them using the Canvas app. Let them master the possibilities with this framework before they move to the Model app.

They can create apps for your clients as well as internal apps to boost productivity. This is an invaluable tool that’ll put your business ahead of its competition.

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