What does year 2017 bring? New Year always starts off with a knock for us. This year is pretty much ended, as far as the world of technology is alarmed. Year 2017 is almost here and here is the list of gadgets that will be launched coming year2017.all the gadgets are that I think to which everyone should be the most agitated about.

Samsung Galaxy S8 the first smartphone with 8GB of memory released in 2017: Samsung is expected to release its two new models in coming year.

Samsung Galaxy S8

iPhone 8: According to recent reports and rumors the Apple’s next model Iphone 8 is expected to come with refresh for the product. The phone comes with all glass design, an organic LED display, new screen size, no home button and many more features.

 Apple iPhone 8

Nintendo Switch: The video game company named as Iconic is going to launch the Nintendo Switch. Nintendo switch is a new gaming console which works on TV and is twice as a portable moveable system. Nintendo proclaimed the Switch by fall a video that is of three minutes. The final details like pricing and launch titles are still remained enclosed by the company.

New iPads: Apple is estimated to refresh its iPad lineup in 2017. The latest coming IPad models will base on the Pro line, with enhancement to the new screen sizes and Apple Pencil stylus.

Xbox Project Scorpio: The Microsoft is presently working on Project Scorpio. Project Scorpio is about a more dominant version of the Xbox that is designed for 4K TVs and prospectively virtual reality headsets similar to the Oculus Rift. That is mainly focus on the gamers for whom performance value more as compared to anything else. This gadget is predictable to launch in 2017.

Xbox Project Scorpio

New iMac: According to recent rumors the Apple is expected adding the new feature named USB-C port to the iMac lineup, by which it can be easily predictable that the other computers also adopt the new standard.

Google smartwatch: Google is expected to launch its watch in coming year. The endeavor of Google behind launching this circular mart watches is to attract user’s interest into its wrist wearable computers.

Microsoft Surface Book 2: Microsoft’s first-ever laptop, the Surface Book introduced with an update that add more features to magnify user’s relations.

New virtual reality headsets that work with Windows 10: VR headset, a new update that is coming to Windows 10 in coming year. The price of headsets will starts from $299 and come from a variety of companies like Asus, Dell, and Lenovo.

2017 is expected to surprise everyone with the new gadget consisting amazing features.