As an attorney, the success of your firm depends on the strength of your online presence. The advent of technology has aptly affected the consumer’s behavior in the market. The online competition with other attorneys is also increasing.

With these challenges, you need to learn, understand and implement the concept of search engine optimization.

If you want to rank your website in google the lawyer SEO from operation technology will help you get there. These are some tips that you will need to focus on to ensure your business becomes successful.

  1. Keyword Discovery and Research

Before you create a website, content or a marketing ad, keyword research should always be the prerequisite. So, which keyword should you use for your content?

Choose the best keyword that you can optimize. The terms you choose should also be terms that your potential clients are likely to look up on the internet. Optimizing your content and URL for a keyword is the easiest way to make people notice you on the web.

In choosing the keyword, ask yourself these questions. What are people typing on their search engines? What do they expect to gain from the respective searches?

  1. Check the Other Firms Ranking for the Same Keyword

Once you choose the keyword to optimize, look it up on your search engine. The results that show will give you your potential competitors. It will also give you a list of other related searches.

You’ll, therefore, be prepared of other law firms to beat in the market.

  1. Your Website Should Be User-Friendly

The purpose of setting up a website is to educate the general public and create conversions for your business. As such, ensure the website is accessible on both the computers and the mobile phones.

Make sure your website has the best design and layout.

Remember, a mobile-friendly website is also a factor when it comes to ranking sites on search engines. If your website is not mobile friendly, Google algorithms will not work to your favor.

  1. Post Useful Content on Your Website

Quality content is also a major factor in the SEO rankings. If people don’t like your content, they will click the back button in a matter of seconds.

If the bounce rate on your site is high, the ranking tools will notice that the content is not helpful. The resultant rankings will not be favorable for your business.

When posting content, remember that people don’t like sales advert so much. Rather than focusing on making sales, the content should focus on solving a problem the reader is experiencing. In this way, you are able to create an environment of trust with your client.

Once you establish the trust levels, conversion of leads to sales becomes quite easier.

  1. The Call to Action

You’ve managed to rank your site on google, the content is also fantastic. What next?

Draft a call to action statement or paragraph. The intent here is to make the visitor buy your service.

Here, you should use different methods in which the visitors can contact you. The common being giving your phone numbers or email addresses.