The advancement of this world is depends upon the inventions of latest gadgets. Just like smartphone, it has totally changed the definition of connectivity and took world much closer than before. There is a wide range of gadgets which can be used for various purposes. Their invention has become possible with the help of great innovative ideas and intense hard work. While talking about defense, many latest military equipment are invented recently for the convenience of soldiers. The technology used behind these gadgets is outstanding and life saving too.

Generally you can see many gadgets around you for the simplification of daily tasks such as cleaning, dusting; cooking, communication etc but defense gadgets are one step ahead from all of them. They are specially engineered with robust design and high usability. Every single invention in defense field creates a big difference in battle field’s strategy. A reliable gadget is always life as well as time saver so their importance is much higher than normal gadgets. A list of latest military equipment is mentioned here for your information. Watch them closely and see how amazing they are.

• Big Dog

Dogs are generally seen as the part of many combat missions of military but the trend of real dogs is getting replaced with robots. The reason behind invention of big dog is to facilitate the soldiers by reducing their equipments load. The main task of these dogs is to carry the heavy load of military equipment and deliver them to the assigned destination. Currently big dogs are capable of carrying up to 20 pounds of weight with its one cylinder gasoline engine which is controlled by remote. Inertial measurement units and fiber optic gyroscope sensors are equipped to it for walking in difficult terrains. This gadget is very helpful in those areas where risk of attack is high and you have to deliver essential equipments and weapons on time.

• X-Flex

This is just a simple looking sheet that can be used to create bomb proof bunker. The X-flex sheet is designed to reinforce the building from every possible threat of blast. It is just applied as wallpaper on walls to protect from being attacked. This sheet is made up of elastic polymer warp and Kevlar like material which is proved as a best and easiest solution of protection. The latest military equipment list cannot be completed without including it. The reliability of X-Flex can be noticed from this fact that US military base is also protected by this sheet.

• Sarcos Exoskeleton

The concept of this exoskeleton is derived from scifi movies like iron man of avatar. This is a real life gadget which can increase the efficiency of human body by enhancing physical abilities. After wearing this gadget, a normal human can get extraordinary speed and strength. It is very helpful to tackle the enemies in any odd situation effectively. Latest version of this gadget is XOS 2, which much lighter and stronger as compare to previous one. There are lots of possibilities with this exoskeleton because it can be improvised with latest weapons and sensors for further advancement.

• Liquid armor

Forget the use of heavy Kevlar in battle fields because there is a new technology in the form of liquid armor to stop the bullets. Unlike other liquid substances, when outer force exert on this non Newtonian fluid, it becomes rock solid instantly. Also the impact on body of wearer will be less than a normal Kevlar vest. After testing both materials, it is concluded that the liquid armor is much stronger than regular Kevlar material while external force exerts on it.

• Dragon fly surveillance robot

It is the best gadget to collect the information in urban combat missions. This small dragon fly can easily fly without coming in the vision of anyone and provides real time video footage of building without going inside physically. This technology is very helpful in saving the life of soldiers. It can be used in various circumstances such as to get the information about hostages or searching the survivors from any disaster in collapsing buildings. This small and latest military equipment can be used to follow the suspects secretly or guiding missiles to some specific targets.

• Sonic weapon

This is the era of unique gadgets development so the use of a sonic weapon in military operations could be a great option. Unlike other weapons of shooting, this weapon can be used by releasing extremely high power sound waves to for damage. It is noticed that more than 184 decibel sound waves can directly impacts on eardrums, lungs and liver. Scientists are still improving its efficiency to make it a lethal weapon for injuring as well as killing too.

• Bodyguard electro gauntlet

It is a defensive as well as offensive gadget which is used as a latest technology in military. This gadget is inspired by super hero movies and now become a reality too. Specialty of this gadget is to discharge up to 500.000 volt current within a second. To make it a hi-tech gadget, a video camera and laser pointer is also attached to it for the recording of reaction of victim after attack. It is really one of the best and latest military gadget which can be used in single combat missions.

• Antimatter weapon

Antimatter is one of the most precious matters on earth which is also a great destructive weapon too. With just half gram of anti matter, the energy of an atomic bomb can be produced which will be equivalent to Hiroshima destruction. Although the production cost of this matter is really very huge and only 10 nanograms of antimatter is getting produced every year currently. The present technology of its production is insufficient that is why it is not currently used as a weapon grade material. But upcoming list of latest military equipment will surely include it at to of the list.

The technology of defense gadgets is getting much better day by day which could be a great opportunity to save the precious life of soldiers. The ultra modern bullet proof vests, efficiency increasing mechanical equipments and latest transportation methods really worth a lot. Main purpose of these gadgets is to safeguard the soldiers and simplify the complications of wars in future.