Apple has made a statement that its iPad Pro can replace the computers and laptops, but here’s a question, it is really a remarkable replacement for a laptop computer? Well, when apple launched its iPad Pro, it tried to convince the audience by quoting iPad Pro as more than the next generation iPad. The company learned that their latest invention has incredible power that can set back most of the portable PCs simply at your fingertips.

Apple wants its followers to believe in the fact that the iPad isn’t just a normal tablet, but is the future of the age-old computers. Users who are still upset about the loss of Mac Book Air, Apple assures you that, in the latest ads that the company has something better than that for you all. The iPad Pro is said to be a complete replacement for the computer and laptops.

It is still not updated that the Air will be restored or not, but Apple is currently trying to encourage users to give up on Mac Book, and go for a new Mac Book for $1,300 or the iPad Pro base-model at $600 for its updated hardware. If you purchase the keyboard cover and stylus it will additionally cost you around $850 altogether.

Though the iPad Pro and Mac Book lines are placed separately on the official website of Apple, but still the iPad Pro is referred to as “Super Computer.” The latest marketing campaign of the Company’s iPad Pro actually is all about answering the real problems faced by the common computer users.

It focuses on real tweets made by people that had complaints about their computers, and responds to all of them by saying that iPad Pro can do so much better to solve the similar day-to-day problems. Apple’s new ad features iPad Pro as the most approachable, useful and handy computer for the average person till date.

People who want to simply take a printout don’t have to now lug their heavy laptops to class or the printing machine. The iPad Pro is considered to be faster than most of the fastest laptops. Whether the iPad Pro can actually handle the same regular tasks as easily as the laptop can is, but the point is where does apple sees its iPad lies in future.

What was once used to be the highest selling device of Company; the popularity of the iPad has been recently declining. Having considered that, iPhone has been gaining a lot of popularity and the rumors say that you can see even bigger size of the iPhones in the coming years with more specific features and looks.

Whereas, the iPad Pro along with its keyboard, stylus, and a powerful processor, is completely different from that of iPhones than the other models of iPads, it makes complete sense that the Company will for sure try to use it as a second device to its customers. It is likely to hear some more exciting latest features of the super computer iPad Pro in the coming weeks.

The company even has a product launch event in the last month or March and the reports suggest that another event is coming at the end of this month. According to the reports, the company will be focusing on the release of iPhone Pro model rather than any other Smartphones or iPads.

The iPad Pro is an amazing device by itself, but it users state that it is not anything similar to a laptop. The iPad Pro is great for storing contents, playing online games, listening to music, streaming videos, but it is not that suitable as a laptop for work purpose. People refer taking their Mac book pro with them while traveling instead of iPad pro.

The Mac Book Pro helps them in a lot of ways that an iPad Pro cannot do. People find it difficult to adjust using the IOS in a way that suits their productivity as in Mac OS. The iPad Pro takes a lot of time for the things to get done as compared to the Mac Book Pro. The younger generation might find it easy while using and accessing the IOS software on the iPad Pro and the Mac Pro.

The older generation can perhaps struggle using these operating systems as they will take time to adjust into a newer OS. Whereas, the younger generation is capable of using these latest OS easily as they didn’t grow up on the desktop or a laptop. Apple might me strategizing the groundwork to attract a younger generation of iPad Pro users while the laptops and Mac can keep the older generation fairly happy and satisfied.

This will help the Company to clearly think about the marketing strategies by making better plans and selling their products to only a specific group of people. People who have been using desktops and laptops all their life will find it quite difficult to fit in the world of Mac books and iPads. Trying to adjust and learn the usage of the latest technologies might serve a helping hand to the older folks.

Some people might just hop from their laptop to the iPad pro simply like that and love the product and its features from the top to bottom and forget about what they used before. The product is made in such a way that it will be loved by one and all, grab your attention and amaze you in all ways. The newest addition to the Apple’s history will be remarked as iPad Pro.

It will be quite interesting to find out what happens to the sales of the latest invention. Will it be able to consume more of the apple’s sales in the year ahead or just gradually disappear as most of the devices nowadays become! People have been expressing their thoughts and recommendations about the latest device on twitter handles and other social media applications and letting their own review be seen by others.