Business is constantly going through trends. Technologies change, consumer behaviors change and there are dozens of other ways that businesses change over time. One of the biggest contributors to how businesses change has definitely been the internet. The internet is used by billions of people around the world, so it is no surprise it is perhaps fostered the biggest change for businesses.

However, all types of different changes can lead to new trends developing in business. These trends materialize when a company or individual does something revolutionary that achieves a desired result, and others try to replicate it. Soon enough, many companies or people begin to do this same thing, and a trend has begun. After a while, the trend will eventually die down and be replaced by another.

Trends can happen in every type of business area from manufacturing to marketing. Even areas like HR (human resources) go through many different business trends over time. With that in mind, this blog post is going to look at some different trends that are sure to change and shape HR in the future.

The Increased Use of HR Tech

While software and technology already plays a large role in HR today, this is only going to increase in the future. All types of different technology will exist to help HR professionals with a variety of important tasks. Tech such as data management tools and forms of applicant tracking systems will have even larger importance for nearly every company out there.

Also, look for automation to play a larger role in coming years, as well. Artificial intelligence will be able to take over and automate many of the mundane tasks HR teams are currently responsible for. This will allow these workers to take on more complex tasks and could change the entire scope of work that an HR professional does. 

More and more tech being present in the HR space is almost sure to be a trend that is encountered within the next 5 years.

Online Training Will Become More Common

Training new employees is often one of the biggest parts of human resources. Unfortunately, doing this can often take a lot of time and resources. Training often involves the trainers themselves taking many hours to provide information, which can grind HR productivity to a halt for that period of time. 

Thankfully, a possible trend in the HR space is the explosion of online training. If companies can offer training materials and information online, it could go a long way in saving time and money for the company. If training is provided online, people can access the information when and where they need it, without the extra or unnecessary wastes of time.

The Ever-Changing Look of Workforces

Gone are the days where everyone working for a company is in the same office. Not only that, but many people working for companies nowadays aren’t even employees. The rise of the gig economy has led to many people working as independent contractors or freelancers. Lots of the workforce is moving away from full-time employment, and towards contracting.

This will continue and only become more common and popular in the coming years. As a result, HR professionals and teams will have the unique challenge of dealing with remote teams and consistently changing contractors or freelancers. This could change hiring, how employees are trained, how they’re paid and so much more. 

In conclusion, we hope that this article has been able to help you learn some of the potential trends that will shape HR in the coming years.