Whether it is for an immersive gaming experience or for high work efficiency, triple monitor PCs are the ultimate of the setups. The luxury of having three monitors at your disposal can enable you to not only multi-task effectively, but also experience gaming like never before.

Having three monitors is not as difficult as it once used to be. A few years back, finding quality monitors with HDMI or DP was expensive. Back then VGA and DVI-D were the famous ports. These had limitations and could not be effectively used for triple monitor setups.

Even the graphics card that supported three monitors were rare and expensive. However, that has changed now. Monitors have become much cheaper and even the mid end graphics card support three monitors. Therefore, having this setup has become a lot more accessible.

PRO TIP: When getting monitors for this sort of setup, make sure they have very slim bezels. The smaller the bezel, the better will be the continuity between two screen. Monitors with thin bezel cost almost the same as conventional monitor. Brands like AOC, ASUS, and Viewsonic make great bezel less monitors.

In case you plan to buy a new monitor, make sure you responsibly recycle your old one, using services of environment conscious companies like All Green.

Setting Up Triple Monitor Setup
The first step to making any change is to understand the feasibility and compatibility of your overall setup. In terms of hardware, you need to make sure whether your graphics card can support three monitors or not. You also need to make sure whether the software or the games that you run can support triple monitors.

Furthermore, you also need to make sure if the displays have the required ports for connectivity.

First Things First; You need the Right Desk
Triple monitors setups are large and bulky. Depending on the size of the monitors that you get, the weight can be significant. Therefore, you need to make sure that you get yourself a desk that can support the weight of your setup.

There are two types of desks that are perfect for three monitors: large rectangular desks and l shaped desks. Large rectangular desks like the OFM MESA, Series C 72W, and Bestar Innova work great since they have a large surface area. They are made out of high quality wood so they should easily support the weight.

L shaped desks are also great since they have a natural curve that accommodate three monitors side by side.

L Shaped Desk with Triple Monitors [Courtesy: minimalistdesk.net]

If you are into gaming, then you can invest in a large gaming desk like Arozzi Arena Gaming Desk. This is a desk specifically designed for gaming setups. It is rectangular in shape and has minimal features. The surface, however, is made from special material that makes it perfect for mice.

What if you get a Mount/Stand?
Many people tend to purchase stands for their triple monitor setups. There are basically two types of stands that you can get: Free-standing stands and Clamp Mounting stands.

The freestanding stands, as the name suggests, can be placed on any surface given that the surface is strong enough. The Clamp Mount stands need a desk to be clamped to. They have a hook at the end that needs to fasten at the end of a desk.


VIVO Clamp Mount Stand for three monitors

If you get a clamp mounting stand, then you need to make certain that the desk is heavy enough. Although it doesn’t not seem like it, but the three monitors on a stand can topple a desk if the desk is not heavy enough.

Furthermore, if the desk is made out of weak material, the clamp mount can even break the desk. Therefore, investing in the right desk is highly important.

Why Get a Stand?
A monitor mounting stand gives your monitors a much organized outlook. However, besides just the aesthetics, it even serves the purpose of improving ergonomics. For instance, the height and angle of the monitor can be improved to give you a better overall posture.

Most of the computer desks do not have any adjustability features. Therefore, stands are the best ways to adjust the screen to your viewing angles.

What if Your Monitors are Wall Mounted?
Wall mounted triple monitor setup is also very famous. A wall mounted setup is less prone to damage and you do not have to worry about overloading your desk or toppling it.

If you have a wall mounted setup, you do not need to invest in a large desk. A small desk would work just fine as you would only need enough space for your peripherals.

The only issue is that this setup isn’t perfect for immersive gaming. For the right gaming experience you need your monitors to curve. A wall mounted setup is flat and good only for office related setups.

Building a triple monitor system is not just about getting three monitors and hooking them up. You need to consider several aspects such as the compatibility of your graphics card, your software etc.
As far as the physical setup goes, the desk is the most important component. Getting the right desk can significantly improve your experience.