Social media messengers play an important role in today’s life. The new innovations in the social media have changed the way people and carry on their everyday lives. These messengers help in discovering and learning new information, sharing ideas and interacting with others. There are lots of messaging applications are introduced such as WhatsApp, Facebook, Snapchat, Instagram, and twitter etc.

All these messengers are designed to communicate with other users across the internet. The media messenger incorporates many features over previous internet communication system i.e. the web, email. These allow users to send various media types including video, presentations, audio, games, images, animations etc. The social media messengers are also useful for the business purpose. One can promote their product, website, brands on the media sites to gain popularity.

Latest and upcoming Features of WhatsApp

WhatsApp is one of the popular messaging applications that allow android, windows phone, Nokia, blackberry and iPhone users to exchange text, pictures, audio and video messages across the internet. Below mentioned are some latest and upcoming features of WhatsApp:

1. End-to-End Encryption: The WhatsApp messages and calls both are secured by end-to-end encryption. This feature ensures that only the sender and receiver can read messages. This means the WhatsApp and third parties cannot read and listen to the text messages and call of the users.

2. Music Sharing: This is an upcoming feature that is added to the various apps of the messenger such as camera, gallery, audio etc. This feature is expected to arrive on the ios devices first which allow the users to share music stored on their phone as well as from apple music services.

3. New Fonts: This new feature to WhatsApp’s android app allows users to type a new font. To use new font can be difficult and tiring because users have to insert backquote symbols three times before and after the text for which they want to change the font style.

4. Mention and Group Invite Feature: These are upcoming features which can be beneficial during a group conversation. The feature mention shows the name in the different colored text which is helpful for the user to grasp the attention of a specific user during a group chat. And the group invite is helpful in sending a link to another user to join a group by tapping on it.

5. Play Video Directly: The benefits of this feature are that user can now play any video received in chat without waiting for it to download. This means there is no need to hold on to watch the video.

6. Facebook new apps for TV Streaming: the new apps will be connected to popular video and TV-streaming platforms, such as Fire TV (Amazon), Apple TV, and Smart TV technology from Samsung.

Latest and upcoming Features of Facebook

The facebook is one of the popular social media websites which is available in 37 different languages. This site allows users to connect and share information with another user all over the world. Some latest and upcoming features of facebook are:

1. Live Location Feature: The messenger introduced this new feature which allows the users to track the movement of a friend, their family at a time. This feature is helpful by letting user’s family and friends know you are on the way. And the user can also stop sharing their live location just by tapping on stop sharing.

2. New Message Reactions: The feature adds more fun and makes the message useful during a group conversation. This feature let users react to individual messages with specific emotions like smile, anger, love, yes, no etc. This makes users express by using a symbol what they feel about the particular message. And the user can also see how many people reacted to the message.

3. Sharing Events From Inside Messenger: This is an upcoming feature which includes the ability to share an event with a person you are messaging without leaving the messenger application.

4. More Event Recommendations in the News Feed: This feature adds a drop-down list to the news feed. This drop-down menu contains all the related events, suggest several other events which are week or month out etc.

5. Facebook Live Computer Broadcast: The feature is not for everyone, this is currently available for the businesses and brands with a facebook page. The feature allows the broadcast live videos on the messenger from their device.

6. Discover People: This upcoming feature is a mobile based feature only which helps the user to connect with strangers of same interest and locations. The discover people helps the user in finding other peoples who are attending the same event, working for the same company and living in the same locality etc.

Latest and upcoming Features of Instagram

Instagram is internet based photo-sharing application which allows the users to upload, edit, and share photos through the social media site like facebook and twitter etc. This also supports video upload on social media sites. Some latest features of

Instagram are mentioned below:

1. Multiple Photos and Videos Simultaneously: This feature of Instagram allows the users to share multiple photos and videos within one post. There is a new icon available in the photo upload area which allows the user to tap and hold to change the order of pictures and can also apply a filter to each picture.

2. Videos Show View and Viewers: Now the users are able to find how many people are viewing their videos on Instagram. As the user clicks on the number of views, they are able to see the number of likes and also have the option to follow those people who liked user’s video.

3. Streamlined Disappearing Messages: There is a blue icon in the left of write a message text box. To send a disappearing image or video, you just need to click on the icon.

4. Lengthy Videos with Additional Features: This feature has increased the time limit for the videos. The user can choose a video from the device and also shoot video directly from the Instagram application for sharing. These features also allow adding a filter, choosing the cover photo and turning off the sound.

The media messengers introduce new features all the time and it is difficult to keep up to date with all the changes. So above mentioned are some best and latest features of facebook, WhatsApp, and Instagram that everyone must know.