Technology eases our life so amazingly. However, the serious impacts of technology can ruin people. How about our kids who are also familiar with technology? We need them to be great with technology but we want them to use it wisely at the same time.

We don’t need to talk about the positive things about technology since it has been amazing unquestionably. Let’s see negative things about it. Especially if our kids use technology actively that we need to be aware of or our kids will have no good future.

Negative impacts of Technology

· Always being updated with technology is great, but it can be a waste of time as well. Always looking at your smart-phones or computer screens is no good. Especially if you only concern what people think about what you have posted before. It’s nothing if you just show off what you had or experienced. Instead of doing that you can try something else, like taking a cooking class or others. Except, it is the way that you make money—a kind of advertisement for the products you sell.

· Make sure you know that actually using technology unwisely will make you lose your concentration. Many kinds of pieces of technology are intended to make our life easier. So, our brain will lessen our creativity for sure. Our brain won’t be challenged anymore with so many conveniences in our life. Experts also say that we will lose our productivity since the internet provides many irrelevant things to our life. It’s tempting at the same time so that we spend extra time to pay attention to those irrelevant things. Those will affect our lives so seriously if we don’t control ourselves.

· Modern technology will make us isolate ourselves. Only making friends online without seeing each other will make you feel lonely in the real life and make you be in danger as well. There are so many people who look nice online but they are different in the real life or even worse, they have evil intention to hurt you.

· Bad people will use technology to bully other people. This will make the victims get stressed or worse, the victims will feel the need to take their own lives.

· Not making any other movement just sitting in front of a computer screen or spending time seeing your smart-phones while lying on the couch or bed, will definitely ruin your health. You’ll gain weight so fast. Your body parts will be deteriorated since you never make your body active. Especially if you also have a bad habit—munching on snacks all the time. At least you will have pain in your head and neck, and difficulty sleeping. People who are addicted to the internet have a chance to get stress so easily.

· Modern technology also can make people’s private life be exposed uncontrollably. Someone who sends a private photo or video to someone he/she trusts online will be in trouble if the person blackmails him/her because of the private photo or video.

· The ringing of phones, the light of the phone screen, the vibrating of phones, etc. will make us get stress so easily.

By knowing all those negative things about technology, you will be afraid of having kids with those problems. So, the things below will make you live at peace regarding the technology that comes into our life so fast and uncontrollable.

What Parents should do about the technology that comes fast

· Kids nowadays are very easy to play violent games, access inappropriate things to see, and chat with strangers who mostly dangerous people. Just use parental software—a filtering and controlling software. Make friend with the parents of our kids’ best friends so you can collaborate with them to keep an eye on each other kids regarding everything including technology.

· Be so close and friendlier to your kids so you can be their friends online too. This will make you easier to control them. It’s good to always tell them that it is fine to write anything on their wall, just make sure they know that everything they write or post online cannot be erased just like that. After posting something someone may copy and save it for different reasons. If they post something inappropriate, bad people will have a tendency to blackmail them. Make sure they really know about it.

· Be always around your kids is wise. Especially if they want to use the internet and open sites. Make sure you monitor nicely of what they see and read in the sites. Ask questions about the content of the sites and show them that you are also interested in what they are interested in.

So, what do you think? You won’t be afraid of the technology that has bad effects on your kids as long as you monitor and control them, right? Hopefully, this article about the serious impacts of technology will promote the importance for parents to filter only safe and beneficial sites for their children.