Technology is a very important part of our lives today. Many of us cannot live without it. Almost all people achieved many things with the help of technology. Everything is so wonderful with technology. However, negative effects like cyber-attacks can take everything from the victims.

Technology is so amazing. It can make far places become closer and closer. Movement is easier thanks to technology. Communication becomes more and more rapid thanks to the thing called technology. Everything that used to take a long time to do can be done in seconds because of technology. Today, because of technology our world becomes smaller and smaller each day. People become healthier and healthier because technology has been able to look for cures for many illnesses.

In short, technology eases our life. However, we also have consequences because of technology. They are natural depletion and weapons mass destruction. Experts in every field from the whole world need to discuss together how to make the technology add value to people in the world without any destructions and natural depletion. Those experts need to contribute to making the future better with wiser and friendlier technology. Here what we at least have to do to make our future world becomes better with technology:

How we use technology wiser

· First thing first if you decide to control technology and not technology controls you. Be productive by not using the pieces of technology all the time. For example, do your hobby like playing a musical instrument, go jogging, go swimming, drawing, painting, etc. Yes, technology can get involved in those activities, just don’t use it. Never make social media steal so much time from you. Never neglect your responsibility in your family, in the office and in the society because of technology.

· Try to have at least once a week of not using technology at all. For example, you are with your family want to spend your weekend without any disturbance, just unplugged all of you and your family’s devices.

· Don’t ever make technology ruin your life by battling with cyber-attacks. Complete your devices with the best Virtual Private Network software, the best antimalware programs, antivirus software, and the best adware blockers. Don’t ever share secret things in public when you use Wi-Fi.

In spite of the desire of some people to make the technology add only positive impacts on people’s life, technology is still the technology which makes some people think is more important than anything. Technology affects not only society and culture. It affects deeply in politics. Many politicians use technology to get what they want. Just see the facts of the today’s technology that we should keep in our mind.

The facts about today’s technology

· What we should keep in mind is that actually, experts in technology do have good intention in what they do. Some experts may not think of the negative impacts of what they create. However, their intention is to make people’s life easier. What we have to do is be wiser by selecting what high-tech things we should use and always actively remind technology experts to minimize the negative impacts of the high-tech things they create. If it is possible, invite other people to make petitions if the technology they create put people in danger, etc.

· Keep in mind that the new technology that keeps coming to us is the technology creators’ preferences and priorities, not ours. So, the choice is ours. Not all of us need new technology to ease our life. Just choose the ones that we need most.

· Many tech experts don’t pay attention to who the new technology they create will be used. They keep disrupting the people’s life just like that. Probably it’s the government’s policy to control this with the help of the society concerning the negative impacts of technology. One of the important things to do is probably insert in the syllabus for the science of technology of how to handle the negative impacts of technology on society in the future with art. So the students of tech science can create a robot for a house that can be sensitive to pollution so it will water the plants in our house every time the level of pollution takes its toll. Those tech experts to-be also need to find a way of how to make it affordable for all people, etc.

By understanding those things mentioned above, it is hoped that society uses the technology wisely. It is no need to be ashamed of not always be updated with new technology. Especially if the new technology is only for fun like many different apps we have today. Always selecting new technology only for easing our life is more important to do. It is hoped that the article about how to deal with new technology that keeps coming to us is beneficial to you.