As a movie plot, if you think that Computer AI or The Artificial Intelligence is a dangerous thing, you are not wrong. Artificial and Intelligence these two words can be dangerous in Hollywood movie. In a recent experiment done by Google, where a Computer AI wrote a dark poem on its own after reading thousands of novels and literature. After reading that poem, the researchers remain still for a moment, because of its profound inner meanings.

So, now they were thinking of about the future of this project, whether they will continue or not. That’s our million dollar question too.

You must play a shooting game on a computer or play station. Any game, where the enemy is not challenging or tough enough, the game became boring and easy to play. Like a 2004 game FEAR or a well-known game called Far Cry, the evil guise there so much smart. For example, If you kill one guy in front of another, the guy quickly reacts and informs the others about your position. It is because of the games AI. That makes the game challenging. This tradition continues, and the developers are making a game with such complex AI, that, you need to focus in the game to complete that. But, if the AI may somehow attach with a killer robot like some movie, then what happened?

In 2017, the development of AI is much faster than you think. Now they successfully understand the human speech. We are calling this ‘The AI effect.’ Equip with GPS and different computers accessories, and the autonomous cars can drive quickly on a busy road. When Deep Blue defeats Garry Kasparov in the chess game, the time of AI is starting from that moment.

But the Artificial Intelligence helps scientists more than you imagine. The AI helps in- knowledge gathering, reasoning, planning, learning something, language processing, manipulate objects. Other desperate experiment and research process like – mathematical problem optimization and solving, research upon neural networks, the probability of weather, Prediction of economics. And many other subjects like philosophy, psychology, artificial psychology, neuroscience, linguistics, quantum computing, development of computer science, etc. That’s a never-ending list that the Artificial Intelligence can sneak and solve. But some people think that in the near future, Artificial Intelligence may become a danger to humanity. Are they wrong?

We all know about Isaac Asimov’s three laws of robotics. If the Artificial Intelligence follows the rules, there is no immediate threat. But if the machine goes against the humans and starts fighting like in the movie ‘The Matrix,’ then where the place is we take shelter. We are surrounded by machines, and they are becoming smart. Your smart home must be equipped with smart security lock, and you may have a smart TV, You have a smart car, and everywhere CCTV is placed which is connected to a network. So they can know your every move. If a supercomputer takes over the stock exchange, then think about the global crisis for once. Or if it’s a nuclear missile silo, like in the movie ‘Terminator’ and start lunching them one by one, is any single human able to be alive? The security threat is huge.

But we can’t stop the research on AI because some blockbuster Hollywood movie shows the bad things. We need AI because the human mind cannot think about a single topic for a longer time. If I tell you to think and solve a mathematical problem, which is above your qualification or it’s a 500-page containing solve. For how long you able to concentrate! You will fail and became sick. There are places where human pilot can’t go due to life and security risk. Like inside a volcano, or deep down the sea, the machine equipped with AI can get the job done easily.

The specific AI research starts in a lab at Dartmouth College in 1956 by Allen Newell, Herbert Simon, John McCarthy, Marvin Minsky and Arthur Samuel. They are the leaders and founders of AI research frontier. Machine learning is simply a fundamental concept for AI research. We need to feed the knowledge inside the database. Then the Ai understands human language using Natural language processing. When they are solving something, the evolutionary algorithm and swarm type intelligence are utilized for the purpose. Researchers are trying to develop an AI system that can recognize another person, interpret the person if needed, process the next movement, and simulate the human effects of a human dose, but with efficiency. For that, they need the different field mixed up with computer sciences. They are psychology, philosophy, and cognitive science. The ultimate goal is to adopt and emulate human emotions by machine like computers.

In another research, two AI set to act like seller and buyer. To win, One AI needs to sell a cheap product to another AI. You will be surprised to know after some negotiation the AI starts false advertise about the product. The researchers are shocked with this behavior, but one AI manages to fool another and sell the product. Now, what’s the moral? Is not they acts like a scam seller on Amazon or eBay? This behaves not just shock the researchers but the whole world too. Are they already becoming human or mimicking the human emotions?

The thing is, we do not want a robot or machine think or express like a human or become superior to human. The history has proved, when two clan faces each other, the superior and smarts are wins always. Surely we need AI for various reasons, but at what cost? We don’t want to turn into a slave of some computer AI. The evolution of The Artificial Intelligence is leading towards that somehow. The future will be the judge on this.