In the past, companies were required to set up a bunch of spreadsheets to track your rental equipment and use lots of different standalone systems. In 2019, all of this can be combined into one simple solution to manage the process from start to finish.  How technology has changed recently to make life a lot simpler but also effective.

This hassle-free solution already has the thumbs up from industry experts and there is a variety of small and large companies already seeing the benefits from its implementation. Find out more about this new technology below.

How It Works

This software starts right at the very beginning from the quote stage. When a customer is looking to get a quote from your company for rental equipment, you use the equipment rental management software to do this right from the offset. Its intelligent system will give a cost based on the project scope and give you the indication of revenue required in order to complete the task. You’ll also find that it can aid profit predictability to ensure you get the best possible chances of making a credible margin. You can use this software to completely generate the quote back to the customer in a professional way.

If the customer then accepts the project, then you use the exact same integrated software to allocate the correct resources and ultimately project manage the full activity on the system. This will include any equipment rented and it is tracked in real time so that you know exactly where things are. If you then have any long-term contracts to manage, the system does it all for you!


It is key that you have the capability to see at a flash, what areas of the company are making a reasonable enough profit margin and what areas require reviewing.  This software solution will give you the capability to review the data from a more holistic sense and sit back and see where the opportunities are. Real-time billing can also be automated for efficiency. There are many standalone software solutions that specialise in this however having it all part of the one system is clearly easier and hassle-free.

Security Access

Implementing this in the wider business would be great however there may be people and areas of the business that you want to have restrictions in force.  This has been taken into account and there is a simple set-up option where you can group areas or departments to have specific access (or read-only) to specific elements of the software. You can also set this up on an individual basis where specific people settings can be enforced.  Accessing the software can also be restricted where there are specific sign-on details. If there is suspicious activity on the software (an example of people logging in incorrectly or from a location not recognised) then alerts are raised to help enhance security and allow for any appropriate action to be enforced.

This software has transformed the industry and will continue to improve over time.