Do you have an Instagram account? It might sound ridiculous because this is one of the most popular social media online. And, we believe that most of you have at least one Instagram accounts. However, the question will sound serious if we ask something like this, “how many Instagram followers that you have?”

The Importance of Instagram Followers

People tend to fuss around if it’s about Instagram followers. Those, who use their Instagram account for a business purpose, will see it as one of the most important things in their life. Actually, there is a reason why they see the follower’s numbers as an important number.

Instagram uses a special algorithm to create a rank among their users. Those who have more followers, likes, and comment, would likely become the most recommended user, image, video, and content. By being the most recommended one, your content will become viral. From a business perspective, this is very important.

The viral content will most likely be watched by many people. The viral content will show up frequently in the recommendation line or such, which make it easier to find. Therefore, if a company uses it as the platform to promote their service or product, they will be able to reach a wider range of audience.

Instagram is also online social media. That means anyone with an internet connection from all over the world can access it. Now, you can see how big the marketing range, if a company can optimize this Instagram advantages.

The more Instagram followers bring big benefits concept work for everyone. The company with more followers will be easier to promote their product and service. On the other hand, the individual that has an Instagram account with more followers will have a better chance to monetize it. How?

Monetize the Instagram Account

Just like explained before, more followers mean a better chance to become viral. So, for example, you have an Instagram account with many followers, and your content becomes viral content, it will attract advertiser. Many companies will try to put their product promotion on your account, and you get paid for it. Now, the important question is how can we increase our Instagram follower numbers?

The Method to Add More Instagram Followers

According to Forbes, there are 10 things that you need to do, which are:

1. Create good and interesting account theme.

2. Choose a good and unique username and best quality profile picture.

3. Write detail biography on your Instagram profile to explain about yourself.

4. Give “Like” to many photos, images or videos from other accounts. Choose a popular account to have a better chance to get more followers.

5. Write comments, a lot of comments.

6. Following other accounts, and if you are lucky, they will follow you back.

7. Upload the best image. You need to consider the lighting, position of the object, the background, filters, the color theme, and artistic perspective.

8. Do not forget the captions. It will explain and make your image more interesting.

9. Be diligent. You need to post frequently.

10. Do not forget the tags for your content. It must be interesting, correct and related tag, and add the tag in your comment.

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